How to control portion size and eat: 7 ways

To lose weight, it is not necessary to radically change the diet. Sometimes it is enough to limit the size of portions to achieve harmony.

But what if you do not want to experience a painful feeling of hunger until the scales show the desired figure? There are 7 easy ways to control the volume of servings and at the same time to eat!

Ways to control portions

Ability to control the amount of food creates a pleasant feeling of control over your life. Conversely, being unable to properly regulate the contents of the plate, a person feels that his life is in chaos.

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7 ways:

1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal. Warm water fills the stomach and dulls hunger, so you are guaranteed to eat less. If desired, the water can be add lemon juice or mint leaves.

2. During the day and evening meal, half of the plate should be green salad, seasoned with olive oil sauce, 6% vinegar and Apple juice. The remaining half must take a main dish and a side dish. Start eating is a salad, as it contains a lot of fiber, which dulls the appetite.

3. Eat slowly. Saturation signals take time to reach the brain. So the slower you eat, the higher the chances that you will feel the saturation to see what can happen to overeating. To deceive the feeling of hunger, it is recommended to eat with a teaspoon, not a dining room.

4. Include healthy fats in every meal. Useful fatty acids contained in nuts, avocado and olive oil, well suppress hunger. And their digestion takes up to 4 hours, which helps to prolong the feeling of saturation.

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5. eat fruit Before each meal. It is better to choose fruits of different colors to get the full range of essential vitamins and minerals.

6. pick up the dishes Correctly. When the color of the plate resembles the color of food, we tend to eat more. So choose a dish that contrasts with the color of the food. The best option will be blue plates, as blue products are rare.

7. Keep a food diary. To improve self-control, start food diary ? and write down everything you eat. Within a week you will get a complete picture of your eating behavior and will be able to identify errors.

Now you you know how to curb your appetite and keep portion sizes under control, which means you can lose weight without any significant effort!

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