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How to control appetiteWhat the above does not have to resort to be slim and attractive. But the appetite... so unpredictable "thing". Necessarily brings in the most not an opportune moment. Perhaps the most favorite time of the appearance of "brutal appetite" is the period of the diet. Yes and in everyday life rely on it it is impossible: after six in the evening a magnet to the refrigerator, the "shouts" that wants to eat an hour after a meal.

Psychologists offer their methods, how to reduce appetite. In the article you can get acquainted with the most popular of them.

Option for very scrupulous – take pictures of food
Long-known appetite control method using food diary which is supposed to record everything I ate, perfected, scientists from Wisconsin (USA).

They advise you to take a picture of the food before absorbing it. If through a short a period of time you will again pull a snack, despite the fact that the stomach is still full, look at the picture, and the appetite should be "ashamed".

Unlike records, photos give a more objective view of how much you ate.

But the idea of photographing food, as well, and with the diary, is not suitable for everyone.
First, the photo report is good only for visuals, that is, people who perceive information mostly through vision. The auditory learners (those who see with their ears), this method is not suitable, it is better to speak out loud everything that they ate.
Secondly, all these reports (diaries, pronouncements, photos) are good only for very scrupulous people who love order. This method is acceptable for those who are ready, sitting on a diet, count and calculate all up to a gram and calories. Those who are not used to lay out everything on the shelves, pretty quickly get tired of taking pictures and accumulate photos of food.
Thirdly, pessimists, looking at the photo, can get the opposite effect. If looking at the picture, you think: "I will never lose weight if I eat so much" – this technique is definitely not for you.

Most psychologists still think it's better do not record or photograph anything, but focus on your feelings. Eat slowly, trying to feel the taste of each piece. Gradually you will learn to feel the moment when you need to stop, because it leads to extra pounds overeating.

Control appetite with the help hours
As you know, to feel the signal of saturation, it is necessary to stretch the meal for at least 20 minutes. It is during this time the signal reaches from stomach to brain. Some believe that if you put in front of a clock to monitor the time of lunch, it will help to learn to eat slowly, which means that the food is better digested, and want to eat again soon. Perhaps for someone it will be a good solution.

But if you put the clock, will nevertheless not think about food, but about something else: about business, some experiences, watch TV, read, the effect may be the opposite. If lunch ends early, how do: will you worry or reproach yourself, or maybe take a Supplement to extend lunch to the desired time?

Watching TV or reading while eating, we do not pay attention to what and how much we eat, swallowing extra, completely unnecessary calories. And after a couple of hours, the appetite again makes itself felt: the body did not understand that we took care of it.

Unfortunately, few of us have the right attitude to eating. In countries where are strong traditions, eating is a process of unity with the world, almost a sacrament.
A hundred years ago, our ancestors treated eating as a sacrament, food was necessarily preceded by a prayer that set up for eating, all sat down at the table together, children learned the correct attitude to eating from their elders. Of course, now would be ridiculous calls to fully return to those days, but some principles should be adopted: before you sit down at the table, calm down to leave all the emotions in side, to think at the table only about food.
For example, slim French nutritionists explain exactly what they think about food only with pleasure and honor the ritual of eating.

The Following trick:brush your teeth at eight in the evening, to more not eat after this time. Perhaps it will work in your case.
But if you are one of those who subconsciously protests against any prohibitions – such self-restraint will bring or reverse effect, or very big discomfort.

To resist, by the way, most likely overweight people. If you belong to this type, all the strict restrictions in the diet may not give any effect, it may be worth choosing a different tactic, try to accept yourself as you are, to cease to blame yourself and... to lose weight easily. Or start to apply the method of gingerbread, rewarding yourself for every "right" day.

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