How to combine sports and training: the main rules

Is it Possible to combine business with pleasure, namely alcohol and sports? What happens if you drink alcohol before training or immediately after it?

Will alcohol help to improve training results, accelerate muscle growth and increase endurance? These and other issues will be discussed further.

Can I drink alcohol before exercising?

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Train in a drunken state just not worth it. It is also not recommended to play sports with a hangover. Why? Consider 3 main reasons.

  1. muscle Growth slows. After drinking alcohol, protein synthesis is reduced, which prevents muscle growth. The liver is busy processing alcohol and is unable to produce amino acids, which are important for protein synthesis. To the same violated the process of fat burning, as alcohol contains a large amount of calories – about 700 kcal per 100 grams.
  2. Dehydration occurs. Alcohol disrupts the water balance in the body, which affects the ability to train. Due to dehydration, the blood becomes thicker, so the load on the cardiovascular system increases.
  3. The risk of injury increases. there Is an opinion that alcohol warms the muscles. Many people note that coming to training after a cocktail party, do not feel tired. In fact, alcohol does not increase endurance, but only has an anesthetic effect. It seems that you train effectively, but in fact you injure muscle fibers. The realization of this comes only when the anesthetic effect of alcohol ends.

How long after drinking alcohol can I exercise? Specialists it is recommended to wait at least two days. Otherwise, the benefits of training will be zero.

Can I drink alcohol right after training?

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Even one glass of champagne drunk in the evening can reduce the result of training. The fact is that after the sport the body needs to recover, as it gives a load not only on the muscles, but also on many internal. If instead of rest the body has to direct energy to get rid of alcohol and its decay products, the negative consequences will not take long.

How long after training can I drink alcohol? Experts advise to wait at least 12 hours.


Basic recommendations for people who combine sport and alcohol:

  • After taking alcohol should not be engage in sports 2 days;
  • After training, postpone alcohol intake for 12 hours;
  • Alcohol you need to drink large amounts of fluid to prevent the disturbance of the water balance in the body.

Now you know what to do to alcohol does not interfere with your training and not spoil the results of your efforts!

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