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How to combine diet and exerciseMany people believe that combining the diet and workout is incredibly difficult. Why? The body will not have time to adapt to a restrictive diet, so there is a new stress. It is no secret that overweight people often "eat" problems. And you have to choose between a diet to the bitter end, and a training regime. And, by the way, this problem can be solved more effectively. Important to know the rules for combining diets and fitness workouts.

Diet and training in the gym

If you are exercising in a weight loss or fitness gym, it is extremely important for your body to get a full protein. It is contained only in animal products – meat, eggs, dairy products. If you do not "get" protein, appetite will be increased in any case.

    Strength training requires a lot of energy to recover, so reduce caloric intake below 1500 kcal doesn't make sense.

So, for the regulars at the gym are not suitable:

Perfect for you:

Diet and aerobics, running, cardio

The Main problem of all engaged in aerobics – low restoration of cartilaginous tissue of the joints, and significant muscle fatigue monotonous movements.

    You should avoid diets poor in trace elements and vitamins. Of particular importance for lovers of aerobics play elements such as calcium, magnesium, iodine. These substances are found in seafood, cottage cheese, milk.

And here is mountains fruits, despite their usefulness, not always plays "in one team" with aerobics. You should eat only fresh unsweetened fruits, and try not to eat them for two hours before training. If you eat fruits and berries before class, you will get the opposite effect of weight loss. During training, your body will consume glucose just eaten fruit, not burn body fat. Well, the combination of "carbohydrate shock" and active load provokes an increase in appetite after exercise. So that required a two-hour break from food to sustain almost not possible.

For those who like aerobics are not suitable:

  • All "sweet" and fruit diets, including watermelon, berry, Apple diet;
  • Poor micronutrients "cereal" diet – buckwheat, millet, oatmeal diet;
  • Extreme diets like spring, model and kefir. A meager amount of calories plus increased physical activity is equal to a breakdown from the diet.

Perfect for you:

Whatever diet you are on, follow the two Golden rules of power:

  • Before workout – protein food or anything for two hours before training, after training or two hours to abstain from food;
  • Before forceful, for 2 hours once porridge or bread, if not typically recognized – for hour fruit or dried fruit, after, in for half an hour – protein low-fat food (cottage cheese, fish, chicken Breasts, protein powder with low carbohydrate content).

Choose delicious diets and interesting workouts and your life will sparkle with bright colors!

Especially for – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

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