How to combine diet and exercise?

If you limit your diet, you can get rid of excess weight. However, for the beauty of the body is not enough. Without sports training, the skin can lose tone and become flabby.

Therefore, diet and exercise cannot be separated. Next, consider how to combine them for weight loss or gain muscle mass.

Diet and exercise: how to combine them?

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Combining diet and exercise requires the following rules:

1. To give your best on training, about an hour and a half before it is necessary to have a snack. The calorie content of such a snack should not exceed 250 kcal. Well suited nuts, natural Greek yogurt or dried fruits.

2. If you need to eat earlier than an hour and a half before training, the diet should be denser. Strength training requires a large amount of protein, so to create a beautiful muscular relief lean on fish, dietary meats or cottage cheese. But before cardio training is best suited dishes enriched with complex carbohydrates. For example, oatmeal or vegetable stew.


3. During training, every 10-15 minutes you need to do a few SIPS of water or green tea without sugar. When you exercise hard the body loses moisture, and the observance of drinking mode helps to avoid dehydration.

4. Experts do not recommend eating for 1.5-2 hours after cardio. But strength training, on the contrary, require a meal for 30-40 minutes after class. However, the food should be protein.

On article! Is it possible to combine business with pleasure, namely alcohol and sports? It turns out, can be! To do this, follow specific recommendations.

The Right combination of diet and exercise will help you achieve maximum results!

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