How to choose outdoor electronic scales with body composition analyzer

How to choose electronic floor scalesHow to choose a floor electronic scales – a topical issue not only for those who lose weight, but also for all health caregivers. Doctors say that a sharp increase or, conversely, no conditioned weight loss can be a symptom of serious diseases. The weight measurement is a very important procedure in the course of monitoring the condition and weight pregnant.

Nu, and losing weight the right scales, can rid from illusions about their own "harmony program". Stable "weight gain" in 200-300 g will tell us that a certain type of food retains water in the body, or that we are wrong counted calories and unconsciously increased portions. Ordinary scales are not capable of this. After all, inaccurate mechanical devices "lie", sometimes, 2-3 kilograms, which can not be an indicator for the correction of the diet. So, good floor electronic scales are needed in every home. How can they can I buy one?

Choose electronic floor scales with body composition analyzer

Electronic floor scale with body composition analyzer is best to have at home if you:

  • Worried about the daily weight fluctuations;
  • Prone to swelling, regardless of the cause;
  • Regularly train or at least do exercises;
  • Trying to lose weight for a long time and tried a lot of different ways, but failed.

Body composition Analyzer will help to get rid of illusions like "I have a heavy bone" or "I have a lot of muscles". They show how much fat, water, and muscle is in your body in a "percentage".

For home use sell scales with bioelectric analyzer. This device passes through your body a small electric discharge, and its speed determines the composition of the body. It should be noted that such scales contraindicated in:

  • Pregnant, as it is not known how the electrical discharges affect the development of the child;
  • People with pacemakers and electronic implants of all kinds, electricity can disturb them work.

When Buying a body mass analyzer scale, give preference to models in which you can create several user profiles. By entering the height, gender and age of each family member, you will get more accurate values and the amount of adipose tissue, and even see your BMI is without additional calculations.

  • to be strictly Weighed on an empty stomach, after using the toilet.
  • it is Advisable not to drink water before stand on the scales, and do not touch the bioelectric plates with wet hands.

And remember that, despite the continuous improvement of technology, these scales, while analyzing body composition, give an average of 10-15% error.

Select high-precision electronic floor scales

Nominally any modern device claims to high accuracy. However, in practice, some models show real weight, while others are sensitive to the curvature of the floor, vibrations and even ...loud noises.

To choose the most convenient and accurate electronic scales, run a series of simple tests in the store. Ask the seller to unpack your favorite model, put it on a hard floor surface, and weigh several times at intervals of 20-30 seconds. Buy those scales that show the same values in each "session" weighing. For purity experiment, you can ask friend or husband hang out with you, and choose the most "confident in their testimony" scales.

  • avoid appliances with loose-fitting panels, push-buttons, "loose" pads on the front surface.
  • Choose floor scales from well-known home appliance manufacturers to be sure of the accuracy of the readings.

And try to properly care for them at home – do not throw the device, even if you do not like his testimony, do not place it on uneven surfaces, and do not forget to wipe the bioelectric contacts, buttons and window, as well as to change the battery in a timely manner.

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