How to choose an elliptical trainer, which ellipsoid is better, characteristics and prices

How to choose an elliptical trainerChoosing an elliptical trainer is quite a challenge. In the sea of different proposals simply get lost. However, there is a common classification of simulators, it will help us to understand this abundance and choose your option. In today's world, you should choose, rather than a specific brand, and a certain set of technical characteristics, it is suitable you.

Budget ellipsoids vs expensive: when should I buy a professional simulator?

Budget magnetic elliptical trainers from Torneo are sold at prices from 6999 p, expensive ellipsoids from the professional brand Life Fitness are not less than 50 000 p. What are the differences between these options, and how to choose the best elliptical (elliptical) trainer?

The Price of the elliptical simulator consists of several factors

A brand
  • elliptical trainers from brands producing professional equipment for SPA and gyms are more Expensive. These include Kettler, Life Fitness, Spirit Fitness, Matrix.
  • At the same time, Housefit, Culpeo and "cross trainers" from teleshopping with similar characteristics will be somewhat cheaper.
Type of drive loads
  • the cheapest equipment on the mechanical drive. They give an uneven load and today are almost out of circulation. Find such a "miracle of technology" can only be in TV stores, and there they are often equipped with additional options, such as the ability to fold up and clean under the bed.
  • elliptical simulators with magnetic drive can be found In the middle price segment.
  • And the most expensive – electromagnetic with electronic adjustment. The latter provide maximum softness and fine tuning.
Type the location of the loading drive
  • the So-called front-wheel drive ellipsoid machines provide an almost vertical position of the body of the trainee. They can be more comfortable if you are tall.
  • rear-wheel Drive allow you to tilt your body as you run and can be comfortable if you are used to the position of a runner or skier.
    However, to give remote advice on this criterion of choice does not make sense – ellipsoid, as well as a certain type of exercise, is selected individually, that is, by trial and error: what elliptical simulator is best for you.
The presence of built-in programs for training

Manufacturers position this category as an additional option that motivates you to practice, but in practice programs are often too "serious" for some people, and easy for others. In any case, you should definitely use the program, only if without it you do not know how to pick up the load. However, to learn this is somewhat easier than to overpay for the "charged" simulator.

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Choice of elliptical trainer: theory and practice

Cardiomachines, as well as clothes, need a thorough "fitting", so to order the simulator online, without trying to work out on it – quite a waste of money. Often beginners who what elliptical trainer choose to do 2-3 times a week, I suggest a cheap "magnetic" models for 7-8 thousand rubles, but, before you buy such a simulator, you should test it on all load modes. Very often, these "budget ellipses" are not actually configured – moving from a very serious load to a minimum in a matter of seconds.

The Most "universal" choice – rear-drive elliptical trainer with electromagnetic actuator load could not be less than 800.e. But do not take the first available.

  • In particular, life Fitness make the machines suitable for people with long fingers with wide handles. If you are the owner of small hands and relatively short fingers, training will lead to overstrain of small muscles of the palm and the appearance of discomfort.
  • "Kettlers" sometimes sin too broad pedals.
  • And in the simulators Hauspie too "thin" – narrow top handles and a narrow pedal make exercise uncomfortable, if your height more than 170 see

People with large weight better not save on health. Only high-quality models with electromagnetic drive and electronic load distribution can provide them with safe operation of the joints. Such elliptical machines from any manufacturer can't cost less than 1000.e.

In General, try to work out right in the store, vary the load and you will definitely understand which model good, what – No.

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