How to choose an effective cellulite cream, how to use anti-cellulite cream

Cellulite creamCellulite Cream will help smooth the skin and even slightly reduce the volume of problem areas. The main thing is to choose it correctly and use it regularly. In addition, you will have to follow the simple rules of nutrition, and to perform simple exercise, because no cream can completely relieve you from the "orange peel", unless other measures are applied.

    Cellulite is a special structure of subcutaneous fat in women. He occurs most often during a period of rapid weight gain or hormonal changes.

Fight with him can be either under aid salon procedures – wraps, massages, mesotherapy, either at home. The main task of the cream is not just to moisturize the skin, but also to create conditions for improving blood circulation, utilization of fat deposits.

How to choose an effective cellulite cream?

Today's cream of cellulite is in the lineup for each a self-respecting cosmetics manufacturer. How to choose a good anti-cellulite cream? It is often possible to meet opinion that buying cheaper cream 17.e. does not make sense. However, in today's world, most of the manufacturer's money is spent on advertising and maintaining the brand image, and not on the development of an innovative formula means. So your main task – to buy a cream with the "right" ingredients.

First of all, as part of an effective cellulite cream will be caffeine. It is the coffee extract that helps the fat molecules disintegrate more effectively, in addition, it strengthens the skin and contributes to a significant improvement in blood circulation. The second most effective agent is green or white tea extract. It acts in much the same way as caffeine, only further strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and prevents varicose veins.

If you suffer from swelling of the legs and you see vascular sprockets on the hips, look for a cream that contains red grapes or grape seed oil. These substances rich in antioxidants, which will not only restore the skin, but as well treat the capillaries.

If you have no Allergy on pepper, is worth to purchase anti-cellulite cream with red pepper. This ingredient is a great way to improve blood circulation and create a warming effect. For those who have allergies, you can advise creams with cocoa butter or citrus oils.

    In Addition, a quality anti-cellulite cream should be composed of one of the skin-firming ingredients – marine collagen, chitosan, fucus extract or kelp

Anti-Cellulite cream: how to use?

A great job of using anti-cellulite cream the main thing – regularity. Most manufacturers insist that their "creations" are used at least twice a day, morning and evening after showering.

Sometimes you can find the information that cellulite cream is addictive and use it constantly – means to doom itself to sagging skin in the future. Upon that's not really true. You can use anti-cellulite body cream as often as you want. There is no addictive effect. The main thing – do not give up body care at all, after you defeat cellulite. Not too good appearance of the body after giving up the cream is often due to the fact that the skin just does not have enough moisture, and it loses because of this elasticity.

If you use anti-cellulite cream, you will need to additionally carry out exfoliating procedures. Do not forget to use a scrub with a rough structure 1-2 times a week. Additionally, you can use anti-cellulite scrubs with fine-grained structure of the exfoliating spheres during each shower visit.

    Remember that in anti-cellulite cosmetics is not much use if you do not observe the banal rules of hygiene – take a shower every time before its application.

If the skin is overloaded – the cream will not act, so choose one cream for each problem area and apply it with massage movements. And, of course, do not forget that even the best cellulite cream – not a panacea, but only one way to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

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