How to choose a bike for adult and child: the best models

More and more people are trying to take care of their health. Someone chooses to run in the Park in the morning, others - Cycling. Many do refuse buses, trolleybuses, taxis and prefer to move around the city on a vehicle that does not pollute the atmosphere. Someone accustoms to the activity of children and goes every weekend to the site where there are Bicycle paths.

To leisure more was full, you need to choose the right helmet, lock for two-wheeled "friend" and, of course, the bike itself. After all, it is difficult to deny that for a child of 3-5 years, a teenager of 13-15 years and a woman after 50 years, different models are needed. We present the rating of bicycles for men, women and children.

Giant FD 806

Among the popular options deserves close attention compact bike Giant FD 806. The version is suitable for adults and children. In the rating of 2019, the best bike model got deservedly, as the device worth up to 20 000 rubles has a mass advantages'.

Giant FD 806, which is inferior to the analog Giant Reign x0, the price is slightly higher than 10 000 different adjustable steering wheel and the ability to raise the seat. The model is durable but compact. Great for the city. It is possible to store without constraint in the apartment and if necessary to transport in the car.

Forward 4232

Forward 4232 stands out Among the best mountain models from Russian brands. Than attracted Cycling enthusiasts this option? Men's bike from the popular manufacturer is different:

  • compact;
  • availability of reliable brakes;
  • smooth running;
  • light in weight;
  • quiet.

The Model is equipped with a plug lock option. For her to pick up the pump, lamp, protection for the locks is easy. Other advantages - modern design and affordable price, which makes it better than the coolest fatbike or product from Top gear Nova. But for trips through the dense forest and off-road is better to choose another solution.

Format 5342

Format 5342 gets to the top 6 From hybrid representatives. This bike combines the features of urban and mountain options. Strong frame, comfortable chair, reliable connecting rods and a good body kit - its main advantages. Suitable for men and women. Such transport is a pleasure that is difficult to attribute to inexpensive solutions.

Soldier 2.5

Among the folding models in the list of the best bikes for 2019 gets Soldier 2.5. The model from the French company is convenient and reliable. Its peculiarity is the ability to fold the frame and pedals, which makes the vehicle even more compact.

Wheels tenacious, big, reliable. 26 inches in diameter. Disc brakes. Work on hydraulics. Provide in fact softness and confidence. The model is suitable for cross-country.

For children from 6-7 to 9-10 years (depending on height) best folding option - Forward Timba bike from Brenda from Russia. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. The option is good for girls and boys.

Shulz Max

From children's bikes for the city stands out variant Max Shulz. This model is often classified as a teenager, as it will feel comfortable for children 12, 14, 16 years. The load capacity of the solution is 110 kg. So this knurled bike, which accelerates well, is suitable for adults of small stature. In total it has 4 wheels, 2 of which additional. You can Unscrew them, leaving 2 or making a three-wheeled version of the device.

The Model can be purchased within 15 000 rubles, which makes the version an attractive choice among budget models from the famous brand. In any case, it's definitely better than BU option.

Overall, kids bikes – large group. Therefore, it is better to consider them separately for children 3-5, 7-9 and 10-12 years, taking into account the growth, vehicle size and other parameters. For this there is a special table. For very small devices can be considered with a handle.

Schwinn Sprite

Schwinn Sprite is the Leader in the group of women's solutions. It is suitable for girls and women in its design features. The bike can be used by girls 8 years and older. Model for walks costs less than 30 000 rubles. But the quality is not inferior to professional transport means. The cruiser is not intended for long-distance and high-speed travel.

Version has high-quality tires, a comfortable saddle, but the wings are absent here. The width of the steering wheel is optimal for women. Good design for ladies is represented by Stealth.

The rating does not include highways, road and bmx version of the solution (for tricks) for kids and people over the age of 18. It is also worth considering separately tourism and sports bikes. It's too narrow of a direction.

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But to choose the right vehicle for the city on the Internet or a regular store will help video, given the presence of the rear and front switch and plug protection if necessary:

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