How to change your health and appearance after giving up sugar

Most of us can not imagine their morning without a Cup of coffee, especially true for the "owls". Sometimes this drink is the only thing that can make us cheer up.

However, the refusal of coffee hides great advantages. Let's look at the 6 important things that will happen to you after giving up this drink!

1. Weight is normalized

Coffee – one of the main sources of "empty calories". For example, latte contains from 200 to 380 calories (depending on the presence of syrup). And if you drink 3 cups of coffee every day, the body receives from 600 to 1150 kcal. The situation is aggravated if you are used to drinking coffee with cookies or croissants.

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In Addition, coffee increases the level of stress hormones that awaken the "wolf" appetite and increase the deposition of fat in the waist. Giving up coffee, you will be much easier to get rid of excess weight.

2. The condition of the teeth will improve

Coffee has a high acidity, so it is able to destroy the tooth enamel. In addition, coffee stains teeth and makes their darker.

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Giving Up coffee or greatly reducing its consumption, you will protect your teeth from erosion and keep the whiteness of the smile.

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3. The body will begin to better absorb vitamins

Coffee "kills" vitamins B1 and B6, and also reduces the amount of calcium, potassium and zinc. One Cup of coffee can slow down the absorption of calcium for 3-4 hours.

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In Addition, caffeine washes calcium from the body. Because of this, people who abuse coffee, bones and teeth become brittle.

4. You will be easier to fall asleep and Wake up to

Problems with falling asleep and quality sleep will disappear themselves, if you refuse from a powerful food stimulus nervous system.

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You will notice that it has become easier for you to Wake up in the morning, and the need for coffee will simply disappear – you will be cheerful enough without it energetic.

Note! ❄ If you still feel the "energy crisis" in the gloomy winter days, then do not drink coffee, and useful natural energy.? ? ?

5. The liver will work more effectively

Coffee is not as easy to digest as other foods. Your liver works hard to synthesize enzymes that break down coffee and metabolize it.

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But when enzymes are required to break down other chemicals, the liver can suddenly "become lazy." People who abuse coffee have "lazy" liver.

6. You will raise the immune system

Caffeine is an enemy of our immune system. It limits performance thyroid, which leads to a weakening of the body's defenses and, as a result, an increase in the risk of catching an infection.

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If you are often sick and can not recover for a long time, you should stay away from coffee, at least until you feel better.

This is not a complete list of positive changes that will happen to you, but even these points are enough to motivate yourself forever to give up coffee!

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