How to build arms without weights: exercises Cameron Diaz

Well who does not dream to get the same fit and thin hands, like the brilliant Cameron Diaz? The actress is already far over 40, but she consistently gets into the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. And what is noted as the most attractive part of her body? Oddly enough, hands.

Beauty has repeatedly said that a lot of time on training. However, due to the busy schedule of filming, she does not always manage to engage in the gym with sports equipment, and dumbbells carry with them do not want to. Therefore, she performs a set of exercises with her own weight, which helps her to keep the muscles of her hands in good shape!

1. Pushups from the wall

Push UPS off the wall - the easiest version of the pushup, which is performed to warm up muscles before the more challenging exercises.

Technique carry

Stand face to the wall, stepping back from it on one-and a half step. Put both hands on the wall. As you inhale, slowly bend your arms at the elbows, lowering the body to the wall almost to the touch of your head. On the exhale, straighten hands.

2. Raising corps

This exercise involves all the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Also included in the work of the lumbar muscles and the press.

Technique carry

Sit on the floor, bend your legs in on your knees, put your hands on the floor and point them forward. Then tighten your abs and lift your pelvis up. Your body should be parallel to the floor. Then lower the body. Perform this exercise smoothly, without sudden jerks.

3. Push-UPS-Chaturanga

This is an unusual exercise that combines strength training and posture yoga. In the process of performing work all the muscles of the body, but most of all involved bicepses.

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Technique carry

Stand in the bar, as in the classic push-UPS. However, the palms need to be turned to each other, and the elbows pressed to the body. Slowly lower yourself to the floor and then return to the starting position. Do not forget to follow the breath: on the inhale - go down, on the exhale - go up.

4. Plank with the rise of hands

This is quite a challenging exercise and usually do it with dumbbells, but you can do without them. Just clench your hands before you put them on the floor. Thus, you will use all the muscle groups of the body, but most of it will be on your hands.

Technique carry

Stand in the bar. All muscles tense, back in any case do not bend. Take your hand off the floor and bring it back like you're rowing. Then return it back and do the same with the other hand.

Number of approaches and repetitions for each exercise you define individually, depending on your physical training. Do not forget that over time, the load should be increased, as the muscles adapt quickly. At the end of each training session, be sure to stretch the muscles of the hands, so that they relax and recover faster!

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