How to build arms at home male: exercises with photo and video

How to pump up a man's hands at home

For Sure, all men dream of a strong beefy arms with rippling muscles. Everyone will be able to achieve this result if he starts training regularly. How quickly to pump up the hands of a man at home?

Than you can shake hands with a man?

To pump your hands at home, you can use dumbbells, barbells, bars, expander or horizontal bar. It is possible to achieve results even with the help of improvised means. For example, a stool or a chair. The main thing is to develop a set of exercises and adhere to the correct technique. You need to train systematically, otherwise you should not expect high efficiency.

Hand pumping Exercises at home

To quickly pump up the hands of a man at home, you need to listen to the recommendations of professionals, as well as to consult experts who will help to develop a set of exercises individually. Training should be systematic, the program preferably enable push-UPS and pull-UPS. Exercises with weights help to pump your hands effectively and quickly.

According to experts, in the case of proper training in a month you can see the first results.

For reference! During the exercises aimed at working out the bicep and triceps, it is possible to pump up other muscles. For example, in push-UPS and pull-UPS involved chest muscles and backs.


According to experienced athletes, the barbell is the best tool used for muscle development. Pump up the muscles of the hands with it can be fast enough. During exercise, the muscles of the back and chest work.

pump the hands of a man at home with a barbell

Flexing and unbending your arms with a barbell helps to pump up the bicep. For beginners it is advisable to do this exercise sitting, for more experienced athletes – standing up.

Super-set on hands for pumping biceps

Effectively pump up the bicep can be as follows:

  1. to Stand against the wall, push your elbows to the body.
  2. take the Bar in your hands with a wide back grip. Raise the weight to chest level.
  3. Hold for one second in this position and slowly lower the bar.

set up for pumping bicep barbell

To pump your hands when doing this exercise the bar should not be raised above the required level. The main load goes to the back muscles and biceps, elbows should not help. Otherwise, the training effectiveness is markedly reduced.

French press for pumping triceps

To pump up the triceps, an exercise called "French bench press"is performed. It can be done in any position: sitting, standing and even lying on a bench or on the floor. You need to do the following:

  1. Accept starting position. Take the barbell straight grip at chest level.
  2. Start the weighting device behind the head, stay for a couple of seconds.
  3. Return to starting position.

French press for pumping triceps
French press for pumping triceps

Number of pancakes are selected individually, which depends on the sports training of men.


Using dumbbells, you can also quickly pump the bicep and triceps to the man. If the power is in the hands not the same, you can perform the exercise with one weighting. Thus, with dumbbells it is possible to pay attention to a particular hand, and not both at once.

dumbbell for the swing arms of the man of the house

Lifting dumbbells sitting alternately

To pump your hands, you can use this exercise:

  1. Sit on a bench or stool. Take in hand the dumbbell reverse grip.
  2. Raise the dumbbell to chest level, hold in this position, counting to four.
  3. Lower inventory.

Lifting dumbbells sitting alternately

When the required number of repetitions is done, you can start working on the muscles on the other hand.

Exercise is a "hammer" to work out biceps

This exercise is the best when you need to pump the bicep. It is performed in a sitting position. Make it as follows:

  1. Sit on a bench or stool. To pick up a dumbbell reverse grip.
  2. Raise your hands with dumbbells to shoulder level without touching them.
  3. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

Exercise hammer to work out the biceps

It is Important that the elbows remain motionless as this can facilitate training and reduce its effectiveness.

Exercise to work out the triceps

To pump the triceps, you need to do the following:

  1. Accept starting position lying down or standing up.
  2. Take a dumbbell in hand straight grip and positioning them at the level of the chest.
  3. Raise your hands with dumbbells over your head, staying in this position for just one second.
  4. Lower your hands.

exercise for working out the triceps dumbbells

Note! During training, it is important to monitor your breathing. The dumbbell should rise and fall on the exhale. breath.

Horizontal Bar

On the bar you can pump your hands, pulling up straight, reverse or mixed grip. Regardless of the type of exercise, the back at the same time should bend, the shoulder blades come together. The chin should be elevated above the crossbar, otherwise workout can not wait.

how to pump up a man's hands on the bar

Pull-UPS with straight grip

To carry several exercises needs:

  1. Take up arms for the straight bar wide grip.
  2. Pull up so that the chin goes beyond the level of the crossbar.
  3. Go down.

Pull-UPS with straight grip

Do pull-UPS several times.

Pull-UPS with reverse grip

Technique this exercise differs from the preceding only by the location of the hand:

  1. Take hold of the horizontal bar with the reverse middle grip.
  2. Lift the body, bringing the chin over the crossbar.
  3. Go down.

Pull-UPS with reverse grip

Pull-UPS by different grabs

In this case, the technique of performing the exercise again similar:

  1. Hold the bar with your hands. One palm is turned to the athlete, the second – from him.
  2. to Catch up so that your chin was over the bar.
  3. Go down.

Pull-UPS by different grabs

Having Made the required number of repetitions, you need to change the position of the hands and repeat the exercise.


Training on the bars helps to strengthen the muscles of the hands. Novice athletes do not use weighting, as they are their own weight of the athlete.

pump up the hands of a man on the bars

To pump up your triceps, you need to do the following:

  1. Hold the bars with your hands, the body remains straight or the legs slightly bent.
  2. Bend and unbend the arms at the elbows, lowering and raising the body.
  3. to Make the quantity required repetitions'.

how to pump up the triceps on the parallel bars

Performing the exercise, the body of a man has to "go" in a straight line. Deviations are unacceptable, the body does not need to be shaken to facilitate training, otherwise the effectiveness will be significantly reduced.

Note! Replace the bars can be conventional stools. Novice athletes can use a low bench, bending his knees when performing exercises.


If expanders are not at home, it is quite possible to replace with improvised means, which are springs, rubber products. To pump up the hand, it is enough to take the expander in the palm, clasping your fingers, and then squeeze and unclench it.

pump up hands male chest expander

Note! To complicate the task, keep the expander compressed between approaches condition.


Pump the hand can not just using dumbbells, barbells, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and expander. Build biceps and triceps help conventional push-UPS from the floor. They can be performed in different ways.

Classic push-UPS

To do classic push-UPS, you need the following:

  1. Make the prone position, body stretched straight, palms slightly wider than shoulders at chest level, as photo.
  2. Bend your elbows more, lower your body down without touching the floor. The back and legs remain straight.
  3. Return to the starting position by lifting the body up.

Classic push-UPS

Push-UPS narrow grip

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but has a slight difference:

  1. Take a lying position, as for the classic push-up. Only his hands placed relatively close to each other. It is necessary that the index and thumbs on the hands touch.
  2. Lower the body down by bending the arms at the elbows and holding the body straight.
  3. Slowly rise.

Push-UPS narrow grip

Pushups with cotton

To perform push-UPS with cotton, you must:

  1. Take the starting position as for classical push-UPS.
  2. Lower the body by bending the arms at the elbows.
  3. Climb. Once at the highest point, make a clap palms in front of the chest. After the clap, the palms should land on the floor on their former places.

Pushups with cotton

Enough to develop a technique to do push-UPS with the cotton on the machine, without getting lost in the movements.

Nutrition Tips

That workout was effective, the man must still eat right. It is necessary to develop a daily diet so so that it consists of all the necessary nutrients.

how to eat to pump up a man's hands

Tips for sports nutrition are as follows:

  • a man should Eat 2 hours before and after training.
  • Meals should be fractional and consist of small portions.
  • it is not Desirable to starve yourself for a long time before training (more than 2 hours), because classes will be given with difficulty due to lack of forces'.
  • If the goal is to reduce excess weight, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of high-calorie food.
  • To increase muscle mass, it is recommended to replenish the menu with products such as meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and other dairy products – these products contain a large amount of protein, which is the building material for muscles.
  • it is Recommended to use "long-lasting" carbohydrates, which are found in cereals, nuts, vegetables, bread, pastas.

Fats must be part of the sports menu, but the pumping of the hands of their consumption should be limited.

Note! During training, eating is strictly prohibited.

It is Important to drink plenty of water throughout the day as it speeds up metabolism and helps to lose weight. In addition, during sports activities, the body of a man loses a certain amount of fluid, the lack of which must be filled.

Video: how fast to pump your hands at home a man?

Quickly pump up the biceps and triceps of the man will help the following video.

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