How to activate weight loss using the visualization method?

In every person is incredible power that with the right approach, can bring desires into reality. Our subconscious mind is a great helper in achieving goals and overcoming problems, including in the fight against overweight.

The Main instrument of the hidden abilities of the subconscious mind is visualization, which is the process of mentally representing the desired. Spurred by regular visualization, the subconscious mind will do everything for that bring you closer to the desired weight loss.

How to visualize correctly?

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Before rendering, we need to create a comfortable psycho-emotional background. This will help to strengthen its effectiveness. Turn on pleasant music, surround yourself with incense and take a comfortable body position. For a few minutes, introduce yourself. Think over all the details: how your hips, buttocks, legs, stomach, arms and shoulders should look like. Concentrate not only on the contemplation of beauty, but also on how you feel, being slim. Think like you're already slim.

Visualization won't take long. The main thing you do daily for a few minutes. Make sure that no one distracts you during visualization (turn off your phone, warn your family). A nice bonus of visualization is a good mood after it.

It is Important to listen to your intuition and sudden desires. Under the influence of the subconscious mind you may change eating habits and instead of cake you want to chew carrots. You may also want to go to sports hall.

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In Addition to classical visualization, you can use visualization-meditation. To do this, you will need your own photo, where you are in good shape, or the image of a girl with a beautiful figure. Carefully consider the photo, take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Try to relax as much as possible. Then imagine the overweight under which the figure of your dreams is "buried". The main task is to present all the disadvantages gradually disappear and dissolve, and your body it takes perfect shape.

advice! Hang on the wall or place on the table the image of the figure of your dreams to the desired image was always in front of your eyes.


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Affirmations (positive affirmations) aimed at weight loss will help to Supplement and enhance the visualization result. Choose the ones that are most you like and repeat them daily.

Please note! You can come up with positive statements for yourself, but it is important that they are in the present tense. Also in affirmations should be absent particle "not".

A List of sample affirmations for weight loss:

– weight Loss for me is natural and easy;
– I lose weight every day;
– I love the taste of healthy food;
– I'm happy with a weight of 45 (?) kilos;
– I have a flat stomach.

Proven that thoughts have a huge impact on the body and life in General. So focus on what you want, not fixate on problems. Lose weight easily and with pleasure!

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