How to achieve a flat stomach without diets and hours of training

What to do if in the shortest possible time you want to achieve a thin waist, and for hours of training and a hard diet there is not enough strength, time and nerves? Do not despair, the mission is feasible!

The main thing is to practice an integrated approach. If you do it right, then after a week you will be able to remove 5 cm in the waist!

Physical activity

To Remove volumes of in waist well helps hula-Hoop (weight 1.5-2 kg). Daily twist it for 20-30 minutes a day and a week later you will notice the first results. At first, the hula Hoop can leave marks on the skin, so it is recommended to wrap the belly with a cloth belt or wear a tight top. A little later, your skin will adapt and you will not have to protect it.

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Classes with hula-hoops it is necessary to Supplement a variety of exercises aimed at the elaboration of the abdominal area. Preference should be given to various twists, classical and side plank, exercise "scissors".

Dietary Restrictions

If you are too lazy to calculate calories, simply exclude from the diet all potentially dangerous products. These include sugar, flour products, fried and fatty dishes, smoked products, packaged juices. The amount of salt should be reduced to a minimum, as it retains fluid in the body and promotes the formation of oedemata's.

The Basis of your diet should be low-starch vegetables, dietary varieties of fish and meat, cereals and low-fat dairy products. If you feel it is not sweet, eat fruits, honey and dried fruits.

Note! ☝ For weight loss it is particularly important to comply with water, as water accelerates metabolism and removes accumulated harmful substances from the body. ? ? ?

Fat Burning aperitif

Eat a small portion of green salad with a light vegetable oil sauce, 6% vinegar, and natural Apple sauce daily before dinner and lunch juice's.

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Green salad contains a minimum of calories, but a lot of fiber, which dulls the appetite, so after you are guaranteed to eat less. A dressing of vinegar and Apple juice promotes fat burning.

Chocolate wraps

Chocolate body wraps stimulate the metabolism and break down the tissues of excess fluid. However, do not rush to the SPA, as this procedure can be performed at home.

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To prepare the mixture, melt a bar of natural chocolate (with a cocoa bean content of at least 75%) in a water bath. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and mix well. The resulting mixture is applied to the problem areas and turn the usual cling film. After 40 minutes, rinse the chocolate mass with warm water. After the procedure, apply a moisturizer. The optimal frequency of procedures – 2-3 times a week.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Vacuum belly massage for weight loss: the right technique

As you can see, to achieve excellent results quite easy. The main thing is to follow the recommendations clearly and do not deviate from your goal!

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