How to accelerate metabolism in the body, products to improve metabolism for weight loss

You constantly sit on low-calorie diets, and excess kilograms not go? You may have a low metabolism.

    Metabolism – the rate of metabolism, or the rate at which the body converts food into energy.


    Metabolism – chemical transformations that take place from the moment nutrients enter the living organism to the moment when the final products of these transformations are released into the external environment.

Overweight is often associated with low metabolism (slow metabolism), and Vice versa, underweight – with a very high metabolism.
The lower the level of metabolism – the more calories the body puts in fat reserves, therefore, to lose weight, you need to increase metabolism.

How to speed up metabolism

What affects the level metabolism?

  • the amount of muscle mass in the body and from its condition (how often we muscle stimulate),
  • metabolism usually slows down with age,
  • lower metabolism can be prolonged low-calorie diets

In fact, undernourishment is as harmful as overeating. After all, if the level of metabolism decreases, lose weight without harm to health is unlikely to succeed. It is important that as a result of the use of diets, metabolism did not decrease, otherwise we will return to what we left – to excess weight. Therefore, it is ideal for weight loss moderate calorie balanced nutrient diet in combination with fitness.

How to "accelerate" metabolism?

How to speed up metabolism

To start the metabolism in the morning – have Breakfast. During sleep, the metabolism slows down, and he "wakes up" only after Breakfast. If you don't we had Breakfast, and it remains at a low level until lunch.
Eat slowly and often. In between the main meals, eat fruit or kefir, the break between meals should be no more than 3 hours, then the metabolism will be consistently high.
Don't starve. Our body is designed so that it tries to deal with situations where we are starving or dramatically reduce the caloric content of your diet. The body takes care of our survival – the level of metabolism decelerates. And then, when you return to the usual diet, the body will try to return everything else and make extra reserves, just in case.

Products that accelerate metabolism in the body

Consume more proteins

Protein products accelerate metabolism. Proteins should be 20-35 % of the total diet. Green tea without sugar also slightly accelerates metabolism, drink it 2-3 times a day. Reduce your sugar intake, increase – fiber

Drink water

How to speed up metabolism

If you drink little water, the load on the liver to cleanse the body increases and the liver does not process fats. Drink a glass of water 10-30 minutes before meals, and you may want to eat less, or do not want to, if you were going to eat.

Add spices to food

Burning spices increase metabolism and accelerate calorie burning. In addition, a person feels more full after a spicy meal.

How to speed up metabolism

Eat foods rich in iron

With a lack of it in the body decreases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, cells do not have enough oxygen, and this slows down the metabolism. A lot of this mineral in the dark meat and liver, and from animal food it is absorbed much better than from plant.

Consume dairy products daily

Low-Fat dairy products, especially cottage cheese, can greatly accelerate metabolism. Calcium encourages the body to burn excess fat faster.

Consume vitamins

Grapefruit and pineapple – products that improve metabolism.
Magnesium plays an important role in metabolism. A lot of magnesium in nuts (cashew, almonds, peanuts), soybeans and peas, spinach.
Potassium – regulates the water balance in the body, and in the dehydrated body metabolism slows down. A lot of potassium in bananas, and dried fruits, potatoes, citrus. Potassium facilitates the absorption of vitamin B6

Engage strength exercises (for example, bodybuilding)

How to speed up metabolism

As noted above, the amount and condition of muscle mass accelerate metabolism. Simple exercises that can be performed at home (jumping, squats) and on the way home (running up the stairs) will also increase the level of metabolism. The best variant of physical activity is alternation of power and anaerobic load. If you are constantly engaged, for example, only running, it is useful to change the view for a while physical activity, otherwise the body gets used to exercise and spends less energy.

Visit endocrinologist

If you eat very moderately, but excess weight does not go away, check the thyroid gland. It is possible that you (like 20% of women in Russia) reduced thyroid function, which controls the exchange substances'.

Signs of reduced metabolism

  • you constantly get cold,
  • you do not enjoy physical activity, do not want to move,
  • the volume of your waist: 85 cm in women, 100 cm in men.

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