How thin Polina Gagarina 40 kg: interview, diet, photo

it would Seem that recently the whole country watched "star Factory-2" and worried about the winner of the television contest. Then Polina Gagarin, who won first place, I liked it a lot. A pretty girl with plump cheeks and curls was remembered by the audience. However, the singer for a few years disappeared from the screens, stopped making songs. But her return to show business was phenomenal. Polina managed not only to change the image, turning into a blond fury, but also lose weight.

Singer Polina Gagarina in youth

Children's and young Polina Gagarina was very fond of tasty and satisfying to eat. She didn't want to lose weight. However, the problem of excess weight for Polina was not acute. In an interview, the girl noted that she was quite satisfied with the cute roundness and a few extra pounds that gave her a special charm. The norm for girls during the growth 164-166 cm remained for a long time a weight of 56 kg. If the number does not exceed this threshold, then Pauline calmly continued to eat tasty food without complying with all sorts of diets.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

All has changed after pregnancy and childbirth behest of the. Weight was critical because during this period, Polina Gagarina due to an unbalanced diet has gained more than 30 kg Girl I hoped that part of the excess weight will go after childbirth. But the miracle did not happen, and all typed remained with her. It was after this momentous event in the life of the performer of hits "do Not believe me anymore" and "the Play is over" that cardinal changes came. Polina Gagarina, the future star of Eurovision, decided to lose weight. It is necessary to make a reservation at once: the result is impressive, and the photo "before" and "after" with Gagarina became an incentive to lose weight for thousands of women. They literally urge you to take care of yourself and sit on diet.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

How Polina Gagarina lost 40 kg

Only a few years have passed since the wedding Polina Gagarina with actor Peter Kislov and pregnancy, but she clearly and boldly again burst on the scene. Today Polina often gives interviews to journalists. One of the most popular questions is the one that is dedicated to her unique weight loss. Indeed, Polina Gagarina lost 40 kg in total in six months.

Actually a miracle no no. Such a phenomenal weight loss Gagarina – the result of Titanic efforts and the manifestation of willpower of the singer. Polina Gagarina effectively lost weight due to her perseverance and desire for the desired result.

The First stage on the way to harmony is a diet based on the principle of alternation.  At the same time, Gagarina's protein day is necessarily followed by a carbohydrate diet. Thanks to this approach, the mechanism of burning excess calories and years of accumulated body fat flows quickly and evenly, which allows you to lose weight and avoid breakdowns during the diet and a set of new kg. If you follow the principles of this diet, then after a month you can get rid of about 10 extra kg.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

Carbohydrates are an important component of Polina Gagarina's diet. But the menu as a whole should be low-calorie. That is why the best solution would be the introduction of the diet of such products, as:

  • fresh and green;
  • fruit platters;
  • cereals;
  • vegetable mixtures;
  • bran;
  • berries.

To start the process of burning fat, Polina Gagarina made a kind of schedule. He helped the singer to build the right menu and lose weight.

So, first day Polina Gagarina's diet is carbohydrate. The menu of the day only soaked in night cereals or unsweetened porridge without milk. This diet is focused on the stimulation of the mechanism of metabolism.

Next day – low-carbon. It is recommended to include porridge and fruit in the menu. But only until lunch. In the second half of the day you need to eat mixtures of vegetables and lean meat.

Protein – third day Polina Gagarina's diet. It is based on the introduction of fish, lean meat, cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, nuts, seafood into the diet. Their better just cook on the grill or in a steamer.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

Note! It is equally important to observe the drinking regime to lose weight. For every kg of body weight is not less than 30 ml of pure water. Per day should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure liquid without gas, dyes, flavor enhancers and other chemicals.

As for the portions, they are at weight loss calculated each time individually. It is this rational approach to nutrition allowed the singer lose weight on 40 kg.

The Essence of Polina Gagarina's diet

Weight Loss on the principle of Polina Gagarina has a number of features. To lose weight as effectively as the star did, you need:

  • abandon muffins, pastries, sweets;
  • delete alcoholic beverages from the diet;
  • place a bet on rye bread, but only in the form of exceptions;
  • minimize the use of starchy foods products'.

Note! Potatoes, according to the star - one of the first enemies of the figure. It does not allow you to lose weight. This applies to both fried and boiled dishes. The exception of rare use of baked tubers.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

To lose weight, from any alcohol Polina advises to backtrack flatly. The thing is that when you use it the body relaxes. As a result, limit yourself in food extremely difficult.

Another principle of weight loss methods celebrity – rejection of any products prepared by frying. But the soups definitely should not give up. The main thing is to cook them on lean meat or make them vegetarian.

About half of the daily diet on such a diet is fruit preparations and vegetable mixes. It is best to choose products for the season, but in winter you can use the frozen gifts of nature. The inclusion in the menu of these treats will help to normalize the intestinal peristalsis and speed up the process of weight loss.

Still the star advises to make the last meal no later than 6 PM. But in bed to go at 22.00. If a late, and dinner can be a little "shift" by the clock.

Diet Menu

The Approximate menu of Polina Gagarina's diet is based on the inclusion of dishes prepared according to the salt-free principle. In addition, every morning on an empty stomach should drink a glass of water with lemon or herbal tea.

On a Separate note Pauline is paid to the snacks that helped her not to break with the diet and continue to work on losing weight. That's what she makes smoothies for. It is necessary to mix 100 ml of fresh and 100 g of fruit slices or berries. Everything is interrupted in a blender to a state of mush. If the smoothie is too thick, you can dilute it with water or fresh juice. One portion of such a snack in volume should not exceed 300 g.

Now you can do directly by the menu.

"Carbohydrate" day

Star Breakfast consists of oatmeal soaked overnight and a glass of green tea.

Lunch – buckwheat on water plus tea diluted with cinnamon.

For dinner, you can make the steamed rice. From butter and salt should be abandoned. It is also recommended to drink unsweetened tea.

"low-Carb" day

For Breakfast celebrity cook the millet with pumpkin and drink green tea with mint leaves.

Lunch Gagarin eats steamed vegetables, served with meatballs made of rabbit. The meat is steamed. In addition, in the diet of the stars included compote on the basis of berries of black currants. Polina does not add sugar to it.

Dinner – a combination of carrot salad, seasoned with lemon juice and herbs, and baked walleye. Another girl slimming drinking tea with thyme.

"Protein" day

Option Breakfast "protein" day can be tea with milk and cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat.

Lunch Polina Gagarina eats the loaf from dietary Turkey with mushrooms. You can drink a decoction of fruit dogrose's.

Dinner is yogurt and scrambled eggs.

During the day, Pauline not only used to drinking unsweetened tea and water, but freshly squeezed juices. Her favorite drink is tomato juice.

Physical activity

Get in shape after the birth of a baby celebrity has not only helped diet. An important place in her life is given to sports. Polina attends yoga classes and loves shaping. However, initially in the form she managed to come through classes in stage movement Moscow art theatre school. Moreover, the singer was engaged in dramatic dance and fencing. So intense classes required a lot of energy.

How Polina Gagarina lost weight

Today Polina Gagarina who does not lose weight any more, but only supports weight, is engaged:

  • run;
  • a voyage;
  • exercise in the fitness center.

Note! To keep the harmony Polina Gagarina helps regular access to the sauna.

How Polina Gagarina keeps weight

In record time the blonde managed to achieve phenomenal results in weight loss. It is not surprising that the photo "before" and "after", which shows the singer with radically different body parameters, flew around the Internet and continues to be an incentive for weight loss for thousands of women.

As a rule, after such extreme weight loss excess kg back, but the singer managed it escape. How? Just properly support the weight though on a strict diet is not sitting. At the same time, its menu continues to be healthy and balanced. Due to reasonable restrictions in the diet and sports the risk of return extra pounds no.

Interview of the singer

In addition, in many interviews the famous blonde says that 30 minutes before Breakfast she was accustomed to drink a glass of lemon water. This allows Polina Gagarina to lose weight, invigorating the body and start the mechanism of metabolism, and keep in shape. Learn from the mouth of the singer about how she managed to achieve such impressive results by watching an interview with her.

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