How thin Olga Bartunkova 68 kg?

Thin Olga Kartunkova: diet, weight loss history and photosOlga Bartunkova – media person, who is well remembered by viewers for participation in the KVN and the project of channel TNT "Once in Russia". The humorist could never boast of a slender, taut figure. But recently, a celebrity made a splash in their appearance. To the naked eye it is visible that Olga Bartunkova lost, and not 2-3 kg.

As lose weight Olga Bartunkova of KVN?

Olga Bartunkova strongly recovered after the birth of two daughters. Then her weight was 151 kg with height 168 cm According to most celebrities, she managed to pull myself together. Over time, Olga lost 17 kg: just a couple of months ago, the star of humorous shows weighed 134 kg, which also not very little.

But later, the problem of the weight back again. However, the captain of the Pyatigorsk KVN team it gave no further worries. Moreover, their heavy weight, Olga Bartunkova always found the use of humor, playing the theme from different angles.

Participant of KVN Bartunkova lost weight: why?

Maybe a celebrity would never to exhaust yourself diets, if not a broken leg. The injury was serious, and the doctor noted that the recovery process would be easier if not overweight. That is why the diet Bartunkova was urgently needed.

Now emaciated Olga Bartunkova seems to be a different person, which is not surprising. After all, initially the weight of the celebrity was 151 kilograms with a growth of 168 cm. In two months, Olga Kartunkova lost weight from 134 to 96 kg, that is, by as much as 38 kg!

According to the star, this is not the end point. She plans to lose weight and lose an additional 35 pounds. By the way, with the guys from his team star argued that weight loss to the cherished figures will take 2 months. Olga is determined to bring her figure to the ideal, which, on top of everything else, will help her to recover faster after a difficult surgery on her leg.

Thinner Olga Bartunkova changed the style

Now, when the bright figure of the participant of KVN has undergone such dramatic changes, Olga Bartunkova can afford a much more refined outfits. The thin artist no longer wears ridiculous baggy clothes. In her wardrobe there were dresses of classic cut, stylish denim outfits, sportswear.

Not to mention the fact that Olga started to pay more attention to makeup and hair. And awareness of their new, attractive look makes your smile Olga Bartunkova even more charming.

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The diet Olga Bartunkova – avoiding harmful food

Initially draft a diet Comedy actress helped professional nutritionist. However, lost weight Bartunkova immediately. Her body weight fluctuated for a long time. Thin Olga Bartunkova decided to continue their gastronomic research, but critical was the figure of 151 kg. According to most of umoristi, it was virtually square.

But with some effort she managed to put himself in the frame. Olga has achieved performance in 96 kg and completely changed the style. First of all, it was a victory over the habit of wrong, harmful foods.

Thin Olga Kartunkova: diet, weight loss history and photos

Diet Olga Bartunkova built eliminating harmful foods from the diet. Lost Bartunkova due to the failure of your favorite soup, bacon, fried dishes that are so revered in its homeland stars in the Caucasus. To restore the normal functioning of the stomach, the actress had to delete from the diet canned food, pickles, smoked foods, cakes, and all fatty foods.

Lost a lot of weight Bartunkova because did not allow himself relax. If on the eve she ate something from banned products, then conducts drainage.

The Process of losing weight Kartonowy – member of KVN shares the secrets diet

The diet Kartonowy – lumpiness. To reset the excess mass, it makes the stomach work. To do this, the artist eats fractional, at least 6 times a day.

Bartunkova lost due to the fact that it feeds at certain hours. Between meals should not take more than 3 hours. Portions should be small.

Thin Olga Kartunkova: diet, weight loss history and photos

To stabilize weight, the actress eats 2 kilograms of vegetables or 0.5 kg of dried apricots, and all the food drinks green tea. The process of weight loss is quite difficult, but in this way you can make the stomach work and activate the metabolism.

Bartunkova Diet suggests a proper Breakfast. The star's morning menu includes a glass of kefir, granulated bran and a few pine nuts. Thin Olga Bartunkova calls it a real mockery and torture. However, the result is really on the face. How Bartunkova lost, it is impossible not to notice.

The Basis of the diet is proteins and slow carbohydrates. All animal and vegetable fats she brought to the minimum number on your menu. The method of weight loss involves limiting the consumption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to 70, 120 and 30 g per day, respectively.

Bartunkova Significantly thinner due to the enrichment of the diet with greens, assorted vegetables, fruit mixes, buckwheat, oatmeal.

To Lose weight actress also helped lean meats and lean fish. In addition, Bartunkova diet includes cottage cheese, milk drinks and berries.

Thin Olga Kartunkova: diet, weight loss history and photos

Lost Bartunkova and due to the correct drinking regime. It is based on 1.5 liters of water freed from gas. The liquid stimulates metabolism well.

Diet Bartunkova does not give instant results. However, to lose weight with this diet can be so that they then do not declare themselves.

Actress Menu

At the beginning of the diet, the actress ate plenty of vegetables, fruits, bran and nuts. Sometimes, if tormented by severe hunger, allowed snacks in the form of greens or a piece of cheese.

Sample menu Olga Bartunkova for three days is presented below.

First day:

  1. Breakfast: fruit salad (up to 250 g), unsweetened tea.
  2. Second Breakfast: a glass of low-fat kefir.
  3. Lunch: boiled chicken breast (up to 200 g).
  4. Snack: natural fruit juice (can be replaced kefir.)
  5. Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese (100 g). Can be replaced with natural yogurt without fillers.

Second day:

  1. Breakfast: a glass of carrot juice.
  2. Second Breakfast: unsweetened green or herbal tea, a handful of dates.
  3. Lunch: low-fat boiled fish fillet (up to 200 g), raw vegetables.
  4. Snack: juice of carrots.
  5. Dinner: as the second breakfast.

Third day:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal (up to 200 g) with or without honey. You can add a handful of dried fruits or nuts.
  2. Second Breakfast: stewed beans (up to 200 g), a glass of fruit juice.
  3. Lunch: boiled chicken fillet (up to 200 g), fresh vegetables (can be replaced with vegetable soup).
  4. Snack: a handful of nuts or an Apple.
  5. Dinner: jellied fish (150 g), fat-free yogurt (250 ml).

In addition, the diet of the actress was present pancakes from bran, salads, vegetables and other dishes.

Inspiring photos before and after weight loss

Video: lost Olga Bartunkova

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