How the girl lost 90 kilograms in 2 years: the secrets of weight loss

Chantel Tonks from Utah weighed 180 kg. She suffered from gluttony and led a sedentary lifestyle, which is why steadily gaining weight.

When chantel began health problems, she realized that more can not continue. Making some changes in her life, she lost 90 kg in 2 years!

History of weight loss Chantelle Tonks

Deciding to lose weight, chantel I limited my diet to 1000 calories a day and started attending 90-minute workouts several times a week. However, it was too difficult for her, and she snapped.

Some time after the failure, chantel turned to an eating disorder counselor, and this was the right step. The consultant helped the girl to reconsider her views on food and make adjustments necessary for long-term changes.

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Seeing this does make me feel like the hard work paid off #weightloss #fatloss #shopping

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"the Most difficult thing on the way to weight loss is to change the eating habits that you have been instilled over the years. I eliminated the harmful foods and reduced the portion sizes to ensure a calorie deficit. At the same time I did not starve" – said chantel in an interview for Metro.

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Dropping the first ten pounds on proper diet, the girl began 3 times a week and began to perform cardio exercises (jumping, running in place Hoop torsion etc.). Then she increased the number of workouts to 4 times a week and added strength.

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Been awhile since I posted an update on my journey. It's definitely a lot harder when the majority of the #weightloss is done! I cut my sugar way back and stopped drinking as much. Dropped over 15 in the last month and increased my efforts at the gym. I can finally see the difference! Accepting #cellulite and all! ;) Excited to see what the next month brings.

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"When my weight began to decline actively, I felt how much easier it was for me to move. Besides, I have an incredible amount of energy! Now I go to the gym 6 times a week and get great pleasure from training. The caloric content of my daily diet is 1300-1400 kcal per day. I eat a lot of seafood and sharp products, as they accelerate metabolism" – shared chantel.

Now girl weighs about 90 kg, however, she does not stop there and continues on her way to the body of her dreams!

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