How the girl lost 23 kg of excess weight and found love

Anna started to gain weight in 20 years. The reason for this was the work in the office, eternal snacks sandwiches and a complete lack of exercise.

In this mode, the girl existed for about 3 years, and sounded the alarm only when the arrow weights almost reached 90 kg. Coming to the gym, Anna was not only able to lose weight, but also to find love!

History of weight loss

More in total, Anna suffered not physical discomfort due to excess weight, but psychological. If earlier the girl adored shopping, then at a weight of 88 kg shopping trips turned into a real test. Find youth clothes 52 th size was difficult. A store consultant once told her, "Fancy jeans don't make that big!". After the incident, the girl looked at myself in the mirror and realized that it is time to urgently act.

Anna started to try different ways of losing weight. She excluded from the diet of sugar and bread, began to eat mainly vegetables, dietary meat and low-fat dairy products. For a long time the girl was not enough: dropping a couple of pounds, she decided to "reward" a cake and fell.

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1800 KCAL menu ⠀ My menu for today ? So I will eat while losing weight as soon as he gets the Calories will be reduced. ⠀ As for physical activity, 3 times a week strength and cardio training. Breakfast: Bread, cereal 120 gr. Cheese 17% 60 gr. Coffee with milk ⠀ Snack: Curd grain 5% 100 gr. Bread 2 PCs cranberry corner Coffee black ⠀ Lunch: Boiled pasta 100 gr. (dry) Breast baked in the oven 100 gr. ⠀ Snack: Curd grain 100 gr. Bananas 150 gr. Coffee ⠀ Dinner: boiled Eggs 2 PCs. Salad vegetable: cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, pepper Olive oil 10 gr. ⠀ Fresh vegetables don't count! By they are low in calories, and I do not eat a lot of them. I don't count milk either. I put some in the coffee. ⠀ Total: Kcal: 1800 BZHU: 120/60/180 #sizenova_after

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After several failures, she realized that she was not alone to cope. She decided to go to a personal trainer, but she had no money for individual training. Desperate, Anna took a loan from the Bank, and paid for classes.

Training was 3 times a week. They were a combination of strength exercises and cardio. Also the girl adhered to quite rigid diet which for it was made by the trainer. The first time Anna was terribly hard. The body was shocked by intense physical activity and dietary restrictions. But the girl can be patient and stubbornly went to his goal!

Note! ☝ If you have never played sports, it is better to start with morning exercises.☀ ☀ ☀

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Happy Birthday to me ?? ⠀ #birthday #happybirthday #birthday #cake #happy

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3 months Anna managed to lose 12 kg. the Girl was grateful to the coach for help, but decided to say goodbye to him and continue to train yourself. And then in fitness club, in which analyzed Anna, came a new coaches Alexander. Young people got to talking, and he offered to train the girl for free. Alexander drew up a new diet for Anna and she no longer had to sit on one cottage cheese and chicken breast. Of course, the food provided for the restriction of calories, but the girl did not experience a painful feeling of hunger. Every 2 weeks she was allowed to arrange cicmil (in one meal you can eat what you want – fast food, cakes, etc.).

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Time passed, weight decreased, and the body was transformed. Now Anna weighs 65 kg, but there is still a lot of work to achieve the ideal. She is extremely grateful to coach Alexander, who first became her friend, and then won her heart and made an offer to marry him. So, coming to the fitness club, she found a soul mate!

Currently Anna adheres to healthy nutrition and continues to to train. Besides moreover, she has a blog on instagram, where she shares recipes for diet dishes and tips on weight loss!

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