How sleep contributes to weight loss

Doctors warn that you are overweight, try to sleep longer. Scientists say that chronically sleep-deprived people weigh, as a rule, more than normal. If you do not get enough sleep constantly – the risk of excess weight increases. French scientists are going to treat sleep even obesity.

How sleep promotes weight loss

Scientists believe that lack of sleep slows down the process of losing weight, leading to changes in hormone levels.

    In a sleep-deprived person, biological processes in the body change, the blood level of ghrelin hormone increases, which regulates the appearance of hunger and slows down the metabolism. Conversely, the hormone leptin, which should control appetite and promote weight loss is produced in smaller quantities.

Meanwhile, as previously scientists have found that the concentration of leptin after diet without it reduced.

The Second reason is that we try to compensate for the lack of sleep with sugar-containing foods and drinks, which provide a boost of energy for some time.

For most adults the norm is 7-8 hours, children and teenagers usually need 10 hours of sound sleep. And some lucky enough 5 hours.

If you are not sure if you are getting enough sleep, try an experiment during your vacation, forget about the alarm clock and see when you Wake up.

It is Believed that if you fall asleep within five minutes as soon as you lay down – you do not have enough sleep. Ideal – if you fall asleep after 10-15 minutes.

Sometimes, time to sleep seem to be enough, but you don't get enough sleep. Perhaps the reason is, that your dream can not be called full.

  • the bedroom should be dark, if the window shines the light from the flashlight or your Windows face East, hang thick curtains or blinds.
  • Choose a comfortable sleeping temperature. Most of us sleep better in a cool room. Be sure to ventilate the room before going to bed.
  • do Not watch TV in the bedroom, do not place the computer there.

What is the impact of sleep on weight

Doctors advise to treat sufficient sleep as a necessary condition for maintaining health, normal (not increased) appetite.

  • Especially this concerns children. A child who is constantly not sleeping is likely to be overweight.
  • Women also need a full-fledged sleep, it will almost certainly save them from overweight, depression and disease of the heart and blood vessels.

Try carve out at least another half hour to sleep. And look how it will affect your appetite and diet.

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