How quickly lost weight Stas Sadalsky: the actor revealed the secret of his miracle diet

Honored artist of the RSFSR and people's artist of Georgia Stanislav Sadalsky was hospitalized in January this year due to heart problems. He underwent the procedure of stenting vessels filled with cholesterol plaques.

After serious health problems 67-year-old actor began to lead a healthy lifestyle, which affected his weight. He did not just lose a couple of pounds, and noticeably lost weight. Stanislav Sadalsky did not make this is the secret and shared the recipe of his miracle diet!

The Essence of Stanislav Sadalsky's diet

Every morning, actor drinks a glass of warm water or a Cup of tea with lemon juice. This simple action helps to finally get rid of sleep, recharge and accelerate metabolism.

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In Addition, water and tea with lemon cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances - toxins, salts of heavy metals and carcinogens.

Note! Into the water you can also add honey, crushed ginger, mint or cinnamon.

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?Previously, the deficit was considered black caviar and imported jeans. Today, the deficit of sincerity, honesty, kindness. ↗This life is too short and so ... live it up! Laugh it up! Smile bigger! Love longer! And no regrets... #Sadalsky #life #tips #eggs #jeans #deficit

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And after a glass of warm water, the herb has a diuretic pill. According to him, this early morning really burns fat scurf.

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↗now My character can tolerate only those who truly love me. Therefore, if at the slightest quarrel you leave, then you're not mine. You have, too, so, after all we friends)? #Sadalsky #instagram #friends #nature #I #spokoinaya #neobrasayte

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Now actor he is attentive to his diet: nothing greasy, sweet and fried. He eats only home-cooked food, and restaurants, he said, are forever over. If earlier Stanislav could treat himself to wine or champagne, now completely refused alcohol.

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After the performance... I am happy, full hall , triumph... Remember that happiness does not depend on, who you are and what you have; it depends entirely on what you think. Playing in a full and sympathetic auditorium is like singing in a room with good acoustics. The viewer creates, so to speak, mental acoustics. He takes from us and the resonator, returns us to their living human feeling. #schastliv #show #Sadalsky #globlush

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Numerous fans of Stas Sadalsky support him and wish him good health!

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