How Polina Gagarina lost 40 kg: the singer revealed the secret of the diet

Russian singer Polina Garina never led a sedentary life, but it did not save her from becoming overweight. After the birth of the first-born star recovered by 40 kg and could not return to shape for a long time.

In Andrey Malakhov's Studio she shared her story of weight loss, which took place in 2 stages!

Stage 1. A strict diet

The First step to slimness was a strict diet, which Polina developed for herself. It is a chain of different monodiets:

  • on the first day, eat only rice;
  • in the second - only boiled chicken breast;
  • the third - fresh or steamed vegetables macramalla.

After that the cycle is repeated starting from the first day. From drinks allowed water, green tea without sugar and coffee (only in the first half day's.)

Stage 2. Transition to proper nutrition

Hard diet helped Gagarina to lose the first few extra pounds, but it is harmful to sit on it for a long time, so the singer switched to the right food.

It still adheres to the following principles:

  1. need to Eat 5 times a day but small portions. There should be 3 main meals and 2 snacks.
  2. For Breakfast, you should consume meals rich in complex carbohydrates. In the morning Polina eats oatmeal or millet porridge.
  3. the Perfect snack is fresh vegetables, not buns, chips or cookies.
  4. In diet only low-fat meats (chicken, Turkey, rabbit, etc.) should be present.
  5. to satisfy your need for sweets, you can eat fruits, but only in the first half of the day.
  6. it is Important to avoid alcoholic beverages and foods high in starch.
  7. White bread should be replaced with whole grain bread or loaves.
  8. the Last meal must be at least 2 hours before bedtime. For dinner, the singer prefers steamed vegetables and low-fat kefir.
  9. it Is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day, as it accelerates metabolism and cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances.

Lose Weight singer helped not only proper nutrition, but also exercise. Almost every day she attended classes in dramatic dance, stage movement and fencing.

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For the first six months Palina has lost 30 kg, and then still 10 sharply are gone. Her weight dropped to the "47" mark is no longer rising. According to the artist, in her body there was some restructuring and now she easily manages to maintain excellent shape!

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