How Olga Buzova lost weight – her own diet

Famous participant, and today TV presenter at Home-2, Olga Buzova recalls that as a child was a big child. Slim figure at the time, she did not Shine, which gave her a lot of trouble. But the girl was with a strong will and stubborn character. She set a goal to lose weight and just started doing sports, which quickly gave a positive result. The figure tightened and became slimmer, which was required for Olga.

But it turned out that some training and physical exertion, the situation is not corrected. Unfortunately, the forms began to increase. After that, the famous actress decided to go on a diet. Chose a long time and tried many diets, and they all did not fit her. Busy schedule and high-speed life Buzova not allowed to keep any of the diets. And some she at all rejected, believing their harmful for health.

So the presenter decided to find those ways to lose weight, which would take her body. Need to say, that any something tough rules in its diet there is no, but there are several moments, which Olga Buzova adheres to strictly.

  1. She never eats after six in the evening.
  2. She excluded high-calorie foods and foods from her diet, which she classified as "non-healthy". It's sausages, cured meats, various crackers, chips, processed foods, etc.
  3. Like everyone women, Olga big sweet tooth. And although she tries to remove sweets from the diet, it turns out that she has difficulty. The only exception to this rule is dark chocolate. Anything she can do, she loves it the most, so sometimes indulge myself with this treat.
  4. In the diet of Olga Buzova a lot of vegetables and fruits. This and all kinds of salads, and vegetable stews, just raw fruit. All this she can season with low-fat yogurt, vegetable oil or juice lemon's.
  5. And of course the physical exercises in the gym that she does almost every day. And Olga with great pleasure spends time in the pool.

It would Seem that there is nothing complicated here. None of those exhausting diets, no violent exercises, everything is quite simple. Any woman can safely withstand such a diet and rhythm of life. The main thing is set a goal.

Power Olga Buzova

By in the morning Olga eats only porridge. For many this can cause a certain question does not bother whether such a diet is the actress? The variety of cereals from which porridge is prepared is so huge that in ten days they can be changed without repeating. Remember at least the main cereals: buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal, barley, rice, peas, millet and so on. All this can be greatly diversified if you add fruits, dried fruits, herbs, berries, nuts to the porridge.

Lunch definitely dishes that are rich in carbohydrates. It can be boiled potatoes or pasta from durum wheat. Mandatory salads.

After a couple of hours after lunch in the diet of Olga Buzova protein foods – cheese, fish, lean beef, be sure to only boiled.

And here is dinner Buzova is not recommended. It is best to replace the meal training in the gym. At least three times a week she attends classes, that's where her slim figure and pumped up legs.

Before going to bed you can drink a glass of kefir or eat one Apple.

And another point, which is included in the diet of Olga Buzova. It's a busy day. It is held at the presenter under the auspices of kefir. Of 1.5-2.0 liters per day is her norm.

so, all those who are concerned about the question of how Olga Buzova lost weight, you can answer that her diet gives positive results, look at the photo – Buzova before and after weight loss. And you will see for yourself how the diet developed by it works. But in any case, it is necessary before you choose this option for weight loss, consult a doctor.

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