How not to wash your hair: the 7 most frequent errors

It would Seem that there is nothing complicated in washing the head, but many of us make annoying mistakes, and then wonder why a colleague or a neighbor has a magnificent hair, and we have only "icicles".

It turns out that with the wrong washing, we injure the hair scales and weaken the hair shaft. Next, consider the TOP 7 most common mistakes!

7 mistakes under washing hair

If not to commit the following errors, the hair will be strong and soft, no longer pushitsya and stick out in different directions!

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1. My tangled hair. Before washing heads it is important to brush your hair, otherwise then they will be confused even more. In addition, the fallen hairs will remain on the comb and you do not have to pick them out of the bath (this is especially true for owners of long hair extension.)

2. Apply too much shampoo. More – not always better. Trichologists believe that the amount of shampoo should vary depending on how often you wash your hair. If you have to do it every day, then double soaping makes no sense. It is better to leave it to those who wash their hair a couple of times a week.

3. My hair is in hot water. Many girls mistakenly believe that the higher the water temperature, the it is better to dissolve the dirt and get rid of fat. However, in fact, hot water will contribute to the active production of sebum, as a result of which the hair will quickly become greasy. It is better to give preference to a little warm water. It will clean your hair well, but it will not harm them.

4. Apply shampoo on wet hair is bad. take your time to work faster or want to crawl into bed after a hard day, but because in a hurry to finish this hateful sink? And holding a toothbrush in one hand, the other already reaching for the shampoo? Stop. Hair before washing requires "soaking" as well as clothes before washing. You don't put the powder on your slightly damp clothes, do you? Same with hair extension. If you do not wet them properly, you will not wash, but simply smear the dirt.

5. My head is too aggressive. the Habit of "scraping" the head and "rubbing" the hair is a sure way to damage the scalp, breakage and hair loss. The movement should be massage and soft.

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6. RUB the strands with a towel. owners of long hair are often dry them with a towel, rubbing his wet curls so they dry faster. Trichologists do not recommend doing so, because the hairs are damaged and break. With a towel the strands need not rubbing, but gently DAB.

7. Incorrectly select the frequency of washing. If you wash your hair too often, it dries and becomes brittle. And under rare washing the pores of the scalp are heavily clogged and the hair does not get enough nutrition. The surest way to calculate the correct frequency of washing is to closely monitor the condition of the hair. Wash them as soon as they become a little greasy at the roots.

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It Seems that there is nothing complicated in washing hair, but it is important to remember some of the nuances that affect the beauty and health of our hair!

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