How not to overeat on new year's holidays: effective recommendations of a nutritionist

How not to eat on holidays in the New yearChristmas holiday feast – a real test for our stomach and willpower. The abundance of Goodies and alcohol can lead not only to extra pounds, but also health problems. But it always inevitably new year's overeating? We will give you some recommendations on how not to overeat at night, especially if this night – new year.

How not to overeat for the holidays: the main dangers abundant meals

There are several things that cause us to eat too much at the holiday table. Towards them include:

  • alcohol
  • stress
  • pre-holiday fasting in anticipation of a hearty meal

Alcoholic beverages have a double effect on our brain in terms of food absorption. First, they increase appetite. Second – block the center of saturation. As a result, drinking alcohol at the table, you are simply not able to adequately assess the amount you need food's.

How not to eat on holidays in the New year

The Next factor is stress. It is this combined with fatigue that makes us eat much more than we need.

Practicing many fasting before a feast also leads to oversaturation of food. Many of us do not eat on the eve of the holiday, so to speak, prepare the stomach to the festive table it included more Goodies. In fact, it turns out not only overeating, but also overloading the entire digestive system.

How to learn not to overeat: effective recommendations

How not to eat on holidays in the New year

We picked up a few very simple, but it is quite effective recommendations, how not to overeat during the endless winter feasts. Among them you can find the most suitable option. So, what can be done to prevent festive oversaturation:

  • reduce your stress level and fatigue – get some sleep or at least arrange yourself a couple of hours of rest, drop all the experiences and bad thoughts and tune in to a fun holiday
  • prepare your digestive system for a hearty meal. Drink a glass of water before the feast – it's a little dull hunger. Also drink water between toasts, it will not get drunk and will prevent dehydration
  • start the feast with vegetable snacks that are rich in water and cellulose. Fresh vegetables are not only low-calorie, but also have a good effect on the digestion process, which you will definitely need when you go to the main dishes. In addition, vegetables also give a feeling of saturation, so it is able to reduce the risk of overeating. This advice can be used not only for the holiday feast, but to adopt for those looking for a way not to overeat in the eveningHow not to eat on holidays in the New year
  • take your time and chew your food carefully – it's not just will allow you to fully enjoy its taste, but will not miss the moment of satiety. Do not set a goal to try all the dishes that are on the holiday table – choose the most delicious. When filling your plate with food, try to stick to the right portions: the volume of the meat dish should be equal to the size of the smartphone, the garnish – the size of the computer mouse, and vegetables – the volume of the garnish and meat dishes combined. This conditional portioning will help people who do not know how to force yourself not to overeat, because it does not limit the menu and its caloric content, but only helps to control the amount of food

How not to eat on holidays in the New year

And the main advice how to get up from the festive table full and happy – set your internal boundaries of food and try not to go beyond them. Decide for yourself what and in what quantities you will eat and drink that the holiday for you was really cheerful and comfortable, and the post-holiday days did not fall out of life because of the unpleasant consequences of food ugliness. And what is more important – do not give in to the entreaties of others to eat another piece, do not let them disturb your comfort.

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