How not to lose weight in the post. What is not to lose weight. How not to lose weight

As a rule, observance of Lent for many becomes not only a condition of spiritual self-improvement and a certain physical practice, but also an occasion to lose extra pounds accumulated during the winter period. Anyone who wants to lose weight, will find invaluable information here.
On the other hand, the ascetic rules of nutrition during this period turn into a problem for those people who do not want to lose weight. Today we will try to consider the basic principles of nutrition and find out how not to lose weight in fasting, and what to eat so as not to lose weight without violating Church rules.

Diet post – how is the system?

The Basic rule and the essence of the "bodily" side of fasting is known to all – it is abstinence from food of animal origin. The ban on meat, butter, milk, dairy products, fish and eggs is fraught with a deep spiritual implication: refusing dishes that "weigh down" the body, the Christian thus tries to purify the soul. At all for all forty eight days strongly it was recommended not to eat in the diet dishes are very hearty, as after eating a person felt drowsy and was much more set to rest than to pray diligently.

How not to lose weight in the post

Among other things, the fast is fed on days of the week, among which only two days are reserved for eating hot food with oil, while the rest imply either the reception of heat-treated products without adding oil, or even dry eating. Read more about the menu you can read here. There is a natural question: and what then is not to lose weight?

How not to lose weight in the post: useful recommendations for men and women

There are several basic rules, adhering to which, you can easily observe the post and at the same time keep the form:

  • before the beginning of lent will certainly consult with a doctor and Confessor. Initially, go to a dietitian-gastroenterologist, be sure to make sure that you do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. At the reception at the doctor, you can also consider the diet and make an approximate diet.
    The priest will help you to decide on an acceptable measure restrictions'. For example, people who are aged or have health problems are prescribed completely different Church rules for eating. In addition, there are questions about dry-eating – many priests believe that it is rather the fate of the monks than the duty of the laity. One way or another, remember: during fasting, feasible actions and moderation are deeply appreciated, and not ascetic self-torture!How not to lose weight in the post
  • avoid the tedious monotony of eating. Remember that there are all kinds of delicious and healthy recipes that perfectly saturate the body and ensure its full functioning. Boiled, baked, stewed, sometimes fried dishes, various cereals, salads and soups are your faithful helpers on the way of spiritual purification and healthy nutrition!
  • pay attention to the nutritional value of the diet. Be careful to consume enough calories and vital trace elements. Eat bread, dried fruits, nuts, honey – all this is allowed. Consume enough protein (this is especially important for men), including buckwheat, mushrooms, beans, soy in the daily menu;How not to lose weight in the post
  • start taking vitamin complexes. This is an ideal solution for the winter-spring period in General, as it is now there is a tendency to the emergence of beriberi. Drink calcium – it will help you to easily transfer the lack of dairy products.

How not to lose weight children: a few tips

For children, the fast food system provides for various indulgences, including the use of a certain number of fast foods. It is especially important to consult a doctor and a clergyman here, so as not to accidentally damage the fragile child's body by excessive abstinence. In General, you can follow the recommendations above, focusing on the consumption of protein foods and foods saturated with vital substances.

How not to lose weight in the post

Now you know what to eat so as not to lose weight. I hope that lent will be benefits for the mind and body.

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