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Test gave two quite clearly talking about your new status stripes. Together with the euphoria overwhelmed you often comes an irresistible desire to eat all the cakes previously uneaten. Growing in tummy baby "undertakes" a long 9 months of pregnancy to justify fattening hips...

A Lot of women in a short period of pregnancy gain 20-30 pounds, and then a long, painfully trying to regain your girlish weight. To you this is not happened (and this just will not happen, though, because you attended to this issue) propose a number of simple recommendations derived from personal experience – during the pregnancy I gained 9 pounds, although prone to weight gain, and in a month after giving birth, got into doberemosya skirts.

How not to get better during pregnancy?

1. Eat correctly, with taste
Are you pregnant? Close actively fed, arguing that you now need to eat for two? Do not be tempted by these persuasions and sweet cakes – remember Maya Plisetskaya ("it is Necessary to eat less!").

And here is THERE is can be – lot more dairy products, lean soups, fruits, vegetables, right protein products.

Believe me, pregnancy is the time for a diet like systems proper nutrition. Eat only the freshest and healthiest. Remember that everything you eat goes to the construction of cells and your baby's tissue. The chips lying in the cupboard are definitely not a suitable building material. Try to stick to the principles fractional power.

Eat with pleasure – you need positive emotions. If something is harmful, well, very much want to – eat. But a little. Not often.

Get Involved in cooking – it will help you learn a lot of recipes for delicious, healthy dishes.

Don't forget to watch also water quality, which you drink.

2. Once a week – on scales!
If you do not have them yet – be sure to get them. Correct, electronic and, most importantly, "honest". Weight gain you tell your doctor. They range between 300-500 grams per week depending on the period. Our goal is not to go beyond these "limits".

If the "limit exceeded", think whether you eat, limit yourself to food after 6 PM. Can be even telling fasting days – not hungry and not more than once a week. Consult a doctor.

3. Remove the ring
Sharp and significant increase weight can talk about edema. Severe swelling can be very dangerous, so they need to be carefully monitored. Get yourself such a nice habit: every morning when you Wake up, remove the engagement from your finger. Not work? It's a Wake-up call that you're swelling up. Try not to drink after 7 PM, it often helps in the fight against mild edema. If the situation is getting worse – see your doctor for professional treatment.

4. The office writes...
Once a month write down your parameters: hip girth, leg girth (5 cm above knee), arm girth (5 cm above elbow). These parameters should not be greatly increased during pregnancy. It will be possible to keep the parameters within +2 cm – so, after birth, you can easily fit into your favorite jeans.

5. Hiking – study the area
Keep a good muscle tone is very important – remember in childbirth. A normal pregnancy is not a disease and therefore not a time to lie down on the soft couch. The safest and most accessible exercise is walking. Walk in the fresh air a lot and with pleasure. Try to walk fast, climb hills and at the same time follow the gait. It is desirable that it was not different from zaberemennet...

And most importantly: remember that everything you do should be aimed at bringing out a healthy baby and help this little one to be born miracle. Happy pregnancy!

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