How not to gain weight by giving up Smoking

As a rule, after quitting Smoking a person quickly gains weight. So many smokers, the fear of to get better, not in a hurry to give up the pernicious habit. Is it possible to keep the figure after giving up tobacco? Will be described below.

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Why we're getting fat, rejecting cigarettes

Every change in our lifestyle has an impact on health and appearance. For example, in heavy smokers, the body adapts to the toxins released from tobacco, learns to process them and partially remove. As a result, the body forms a kind of system adapted to an unhealthy lifestyle.

While a person smokes, all the key processes in the body: metabolism, pressure, heartbeat - work taking into account the harmful substances coming from tobacco. However, after quitting Smoking, the situation changes. The body stops receiving harmful substances and crashes. The cells that processed nicotine are no longer needed. But we need different that will cleanse the body of "garbage's."

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Naturally, all this takes time. The body of a former smoker needs vitamins, minerals and trace elements to enter a new mode of operation. It signals to the brain that nutrients are needed and you just start eating more.

Plays an important role and a psychological factor. To make up for the pleasure that the body used to get from cigarettes, the course is caloric food: sweets, seeds, nuts. Thus, a set of extra pounds is due to the stress experienced by a person who has given up Smoking.

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How not to get better by giving up Smoking

Because the reasons for weight gain a few, then decide whether you need fully. Let's talk about 6 tricks that will help facilitate the process of quitting and not gain weight.

1. Allow yourself a small portion of sweets

Every day can be eat some sweets. This will allow the brain to develop serotonin - a hormone responsible for good mood. We recommend you to opt for fruits, honey and bitter chocolate, which in reasonable quantities will not harm your forms.

2. Drink the liquid in

In Addition to clean water, can be included in the diet:

  • green and herbal teas;
  • infusion of rose hips;
  • fruit and berry fruit drinks.

A Large amount of liquid will help the body to remove toxins faster and restore normal work. You can drink special drinks that give a feeling of saturation.

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3. Watch your power

Rejecting cigarettes, should review your daily diet. Exclude from it high-calorie products: rolls, fried dishes, pastries, mayonnaise.

Try to eat balanced. The body must receive all the necessary nutrients in the right amount. If there will be little or too much, the weight will increase. With an excess of the body will not have time to process them and postpone the stock. With a shortage of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements - turn stocks into fat.

Throwing Smoking, the first time it is better to give preference to products with negative calorie.

4. Use sorbents

Sorbents will help to quickly remove harmful substances from the body. Especially effective bran - they suppress appetite and actively cleanse the body. Similar properties have fiber, which is found in vegetables and fruits.

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5. Eat probiotics

Probiotics are the key to proper bowel function. If it is full, the food will not be digested properly, and you will be constantly hungry.

6. More walk

Spend at least half an hour outside Every day. Walking at a rapid pace and light exercise contribute to the development of dopamine - a hormone that improves the emotional background. Good mood will help to continue the struggle with a bad habit.

Following these simple tips, you can quit Smoking and not get better. The main thing is to find a new balance that will help to move to a healthy lifestyle.

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