How not to gain weight after a diet: our recommendations

How not to gain weight after a dietYou can Never stop there, especially with regard to weight loss. Only stop or give up the slack, there is an insidious weight again make themselves felt, and winking dangerously in the balance. Having overcome the most exhausting diet and achieving the desired harmony, do not think that now cakes will settle in your fridge again. Not just lose weight, and lose weight and not gain weight – that's your home task.

Why is gaining weight?

How often rejoice in a desired number on the scales, but after a month again returns to the original figure. And the fight begins anew. Why is this is going on?

  1. the First reason is the man himself, and his weak willpower. If you think, that, becoming thin", such and will remain – not delude yourself. Returning to the old diet, you're taking a risk. Overeating on holidays, intimate dinners, hyperchlorinated, especially after a grueling restriction in food, can not simply return to their previous weight, but to increase it.
  2. Wrong choice of diet that you followed, too, can play a cruel joke. After leaving it, you may have a disturbed exchange process in the body, which will contribute to the return of the ill-fated kilograms.
  3. you can not return the excess, in your opinion, kilograms, and those that shall be to you physiologically. For example, instead of 10 kg you dropped as much as 15. You can be so passionate about the idea of their imperfection that, without thinking, lose weight too much.

How not to gain weight after a diet

How not to gain weight after diet: nutrition

The weight after the ordeal more do not bother you, stick to simple rules.

  1. there Must be the right way out of the diet, which you have achieved the desired result. Don't rush from one extreme to the other. Do not eat on the first day after the end of the diet marathon. If you had a low-component food – enter other products gradually, one by one. The recovery period after any hard power is two weeks.
  2. the First thing you should pay attention to on any product is its caloric content and nutritional value. Remember the caloric content of those products that you most often consume in food and from that you cook.
  3. Focus on protein foods – lean meat, fish, dairy and dairy products, cheese, eggs.
  4. Shopping should not be a temptation for you. Make a list and follow it clearly. Do not give in to your desires to buy something high-calorie and harmful.
  5. Try to purchase such products, of which can be be be preparing on their own. Home-made food without harmful additives will allow you to eat correctly.
  6. You should eat balanced not only at home but also at work, at a party, at corporate parties and holidays.
  7. Adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and periodically arrange fasting days in which you will eat one component – apples, buckwheat, kefir, fruits, vegetables.
  8. You need to forget about flour and butter, sweets, chocolate, fatty foods, semi-finished products, sausages and canned food, fast food, beer, sweet drinks.

How not to gain weight after a diet

How not to gain after a diet: other aspects of the

Make Libra your friend. They will help you to control yourself and your parameters.
In addition to food, do not forget about the drinking regime. Consume plenty of clean water – at least 2 liters per day. Instead drinks drink fresh juices, and from hot – green tea without sugar.
Not to gain hateful pounds, do not ignore the sport. None correct nutrition will not help if it is not supplemented with even minimal physical activity. They will not only speed up the process, but also make your new figure even more attractive.

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