How not to break off the diet: 4 psychological life hack

All women dream to possess a slender figure. For this purpose, they often use diets that are inevitably associated with restrictions.

The Path to harmony is rarely easy, so sometimes you want to give up everything and succumb to gastronomic temptations. Fortunately, there are 4 psychological life hacks that will help you ease your "suffering" and not quit the diet.

1. When you want chocolate – hug

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Often physical craving for sweets is due to reduced levels of happiness hormones – serotonin and dopamine. Chocolate helps to stimulate their production, resulting in a person's mood rises. However, studies have shown that a few minutes of hugs or kisses stimulate the production of oxytocin, the hormone of love, which, like sweets, is able to cheer up.

advice! If you still broke down and ate harmful yummy, instead of self-flagellation "punish" yourself with 10 push-UPS or 30 squats. It will help you burn extra calories.

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2. Encourage yourself, but not something tasty

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When we are very good or very bad, we used to indulge ourselves with ice cream, chips, candy and other Goodies. To encourage not hurt your figure, clothe it in another form. For example, instead of eating ice cream, arrange a SPA at home and take a relaxing bath with essential oils, buy a new sports top or make a beautiful manicure. Let the bonuses for myself positive impact on your appearance!

3. When drawn to drink alcohol – apply a distraction

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"a Sensual push is sometimes enough to distract a person from destructive desires and give him a good think before the situation gets out of control," the American psychotherapist arrol Believes. Here are a few options: take ice from the freezer and hold it in your hand, bite off a lemon, turn on loud music. Still you can take a magazine or newspaper that is at hand and read a couple of paragraphs aloud. Your brain will have to overcome the craving for alcohol to focus on a new action.

4. When you reach for something harmful – make a click with an elastic band

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Wear an elastic band on your wrist to get yourself back on the ground when your hand reaches for junk food. For example, if you click the gum every time you choose a French fry, over time the brain will begin to associate this choice with discomfort – and fried potatoes in oil you will not want.

advice! Make it a rule to drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes before each meal. Thus, you fill the stomach and be able to dull the appetite, thus preventing overeating. However, remember that the water should not be cold or hot, but warm.

Now you know how to withstand the hard way to harmony! However, do not be too strict to yourself, because life should be fun. To lose weight, it is not necessary to eat boiled broccoli or lean buckwheat. Make your diet tasty and varied without harm to the figure you can using recipes succulent salads greens and recipes dishes, in which less 250 calories .

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