How much water should you actually drink per day

The Main principles of a healthy lifestyle appear to have an iron truths. Surely, you know them well: more vegetables, regular exercise and 2 liters, Yes, it is 2 liters (!) water per day. But is it true about the water? Let's understand.

How much water should you drink daily

In fact, the rate of water consumption per day for each person is strictly individual. It is calculated according to the following principle: 35-40 ml of liquid per 1 kg of body weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you will need to drink 2.1-2.4 liters of water daily.

How to drink water - it depends on the body

Accurately calculate the given the indicator is almost impossible, and it is not necessary. A healthy person is thirsty every time the body needs water. The main thing is not to ignore this feeling.

Note! Under intense physical loads, colds and hot weather the rate of water consumption should be increased by 10-15%.

What will, if to drink more

If you exceed the required amount of water a little, nothing bad will happen. A healthy body easily removes excess. But a significant excess of water gives a strong load on the kidneys and leads to the formation of edema.

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What will, if to drink less

If body lacks water, then you will feel weakness, dizziness, decline sentiments. All these symptoms a slight imbalance in water consumption. And with prolonged dehydration, headache, dark circles under the eyes, pale skin, thinking disorders and even loss of consciousness are possible.

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The Best advice on the subject - not neglect sense of thirst. Every time you want to take a SIP of water, be sure to do it!

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