How much does the perfect body actually weigh: and it's not 50 kg

Today in society there is a cult of slenderness, so many people become obsessed with the number on the scales. Kelsey wells, a well-known fitness blogger, breaks these stereotypes. She proves by her own example that for the transformation of her body and weight loss it is not necessary to lose kilograms!

Transformation Of Kelsey

Kelsey wells has been training hard for the last year, not letting go for hours dumbbells, and ate only healthy food. It is easy to guess: the result was not long in coming.

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Kelsey looks great, and her figure is an example of great willpower and hard work. You're right: everything, as usual, except for one "but" - in fact, after the transformation, Kelsey weighs almost as much as before him!

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Girl published on your Instagram collage of three photos. They are imprinted changes taking place with her body throughout the year. So, at the beginning of the training Kelsey weighed 66 kg, then 55 kg, and at the end - 64 kg.

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Thus, the blogger has destroyed the stereotype of weight loss: the figures that show the scales are not the main indicators of progress, so do not attach much importance to them. Kelsey claims that she has radically changed the structure of the body, because she never there was more muscle and less fat than now.

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Kelsey's Example proves that it is better to focus on building a beautiful muscular relief and reducing volumes than on the numbers on the scales. After all, sometimes it is not necessary to lose pounds to lose weight!

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