How Irina Pegova lost weight: the actress revealed the secret of her diet

Russian actress Irina Pegova has always been curvy: with a height of 155 cm, her weight was more than 70 kg. the Woman was satisfied with her figure until she found her prom dress and did not want to wear it again.

This motivated the actress to lose 15 kg of excess weight in a short time!

Secret slimming Irina Pegawai

Deciding to start losing weight, actress I consulted with a dietitian who helped her adjust the diet and form a new diet.

Rules diet Irina Pegawai:

  1. need to Eat 5-6 times a day but small portions. This approach helps to reduce the volume of the stomach and avoid a strong feeling of hunger, which leads to overeating.
  2. drink a glass of warm water About 25 minutes before each meal. Thus, it is possible to reduce appetite and reduce the amount of food eaten.

  1. it is Important to avoid caffeinated beverages as they stimulate appetite and increase cravings for high-calorie products.
  2. it is Necessary to completely exclude from the diet flour products, pasta, sweets, fried, marinades, white rice, salt, smoked meat and sugar.
  3. need to Eat as slowly as possible, as the signals of saturation requires time to reach the brain. The first signals come when the stomach is 80% full. It is important to catch this moment and leave the table in time.

Irina is sure that for weight loss is necessary not only to limit yourself in nutrition, but also to ensure a full sleep. The fact is that lack of sleep increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases the accumulation of fat (especially in the waist) and provokes a "wolf" appetite.

Sample menu Irina Pegawai

Breakfast: whole grain bread with a small piece of hard cheese

Snack: green apple.

Lunch: vegetable stew.

Snack: handful of nuts.

Dinner: a piece of boiled fish.

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This power system has helped Irina to return to its former lightness and slimness. Now she is completely satisfied with her appearance, and her daughter Tanya is proud of her built mother!

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