How Irina Dubtsova managed to lose weight by almost 20 kg?

Irina Dubtsova is mentioned as a talented singer and a real beauty. However, there were times when she suffered from excess weight.

How did Irina manage to get in shape and for many years to please fans with a great figure? The singer does not hide his secrets of weight loss and happy to share them!

1. Method "3 Cam" and abundant drink

Irina eats 5 times a day, but each portion in volume is not more than three Cams. The last meal she carries out about 4 hours before bedtime.

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The Singer does not forget to drink plenty of fluids as it plays an important role in maintaining a high metabolism and helps to excrete harmful substances. Irina's favorite drink is green tea.

2. Waiver products-pests

Irene has always loved to eat a hamburger and wash it down with Coca-Cola. But now everything has changed. Cottage cheese, fish, dietary meat, kefir and buckwheat form the basis of its diet.

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Irina refused to use salt because it retains fluid in the body. For this reason, the singer adds burning seasonings to any dish: they make the taste of food more intense and activate metabolism.

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The Singer is unable to fully abandon such high-calorie dishes like cheesecake and pasta Carbonara. However, she allows herself to eat them no more than twice a month.

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3. Physical activity

Irina Dubtsova has a busy schedule, but she finds time for going to the gym. Three times a week for two and a half hours the girl is engaged in Boxing.

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Irina argues, that this sport suited it perfectly. It helps to get rid not only of excess calories, but also from the accumulated aggression.

Note! If you have never played sports, it is better to start with the usual morning exercises and Hiking.

As you can see, the secrets of weight loss Irina Dubtsova quite simple, but they are bring an excellent result!

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