How can I replace bread in the diet: 5 great solutions

Bread is a source of "empty" calories, which contains almost no useful elements for the body. However, it is sometimes more difficult to give up than sweets or fast food.

Many of us are used to eating bread with any dishes, as well as making sandwiches for Breakfast. Let's see what products can be replaced with bread for the benefit of health?

Whole Grain bread

Do Not rush to shrug in surprise. Yes, it has as many calories as regular white bread. But it is more useful!

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The whole-grain product retains all valuable elements: proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, unlike white bread, it permanently dulls hunger, which is very important for weight loss!


This may seem strange, but lettuce really can replace bread. Wrap in lettuce curd cheese, a couple of slices of cucumber and salted salmon. Well than not a sandwich?

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This vegetable acts as an excellent replacement bread for a sandwich. To reveal all its taste and aroma, fry the slices on the grill. Eggplant goes well with the filling of tomatoes, mozzarella and garlic.

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Bean Cakes

If you don't like lettuce and eggplant, try chickpeas, lentils, beans and other legumes.

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They are prepared from bean puree, eggs, onions and a small amount of vegetable oil. The resulting mass is sent to the oven. The result is a cake, which is cut thin pieces.


Of Course bread low calorie no different, but they weigh very little (around 8 Gy). The most useful in terms of weight loss are considered rye and buckwheat bread, cooked without the addition of yeast.

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They Often contain flax or sesame seeds. This product is rich in fiber, which cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances for a long time the sensation of hunger.

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By Replacing bread with other products, you will ease your way to a slim figure!

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