How Alesya lost 50 kg of excess weight: photo "before" and "after"

Almost everyone who wants to lose weight face the same problem – it is very difficult to train regularly, to diet and avoid food disruptions.

In this situation, strong motivation is a kind of crutches, resting on which you can go through "the difficult part of the route" on the way to the desired slenderness. Often the source of motivation is completely unexpected things. For our heroine incentive to lose weight by 50 kg was insult the guy!

Weight loss Story

Ales have never been thin. Since childhood, caring grandmother stuffed her with food, which could not but affect the figure. His peak weight Alesya reached 5 years ago, when she began to live with a guy and, like many women, relaxed. Without realizing it, she "ate" weight 125 lbs. At the time, she almost did not see in himself the shortcomings and approaching the mirror, I thought: "Well, you will lose 5 kg and I will be pretty!".

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Disassembled in the Cabinet, has found a hoodie?got a picture,made srvname and soul became so good?????left is 5 years ago?and it's not the peak of my conacaste??after there were times "heavier", but I rarely took pictures,which is not surprising?..?▶this??I couldn't see in himself the shortcomings, I thought: that's lose weight would be kg and 5 all! Already pretty??and now,the closer to the goal, the more dissatisfied I am with my reflection? #Judeo#минус45кг#dipole#PP#pravilnaya#SOG#esigua#dieta#copinger#Namaste#kanokon#sport#fitness#Esterel#stroinosti#idole#funkmusic#trasformate#cardio#fat#transformation#eat#fitness#follow#followme#mosque#motivaciya

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Of Course, periodically Ales tried various diet – kefir, buckwheat, etc., However, throwing off a few extra pounds, she was very pleased with the result that in the end eats more than dropped. It was like a vicious circle.

Everything changed when the guy Alesya said to her: "God gave You this beauty, and you've dirtied! Well, what kind of sausage shop is this? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?". To say that the girl was shocked by his words is to say nothing. She was hurt to hear it, but deep down she knew he was right.

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Girls, a hack drove up: if someone accuses you extra piece of cake,just casually tell them that a year ago, weighed more than hundred. Type's your 75 kg is the result of hard work??? and here you are not fat, and so strong, purposeful just wow??#blagodaria#neironalna#werepractically#Sekiguchi#PP#sohui#dieta#sataselect#fitness#sport#Maitake#psicologia#dipole#transformacija#telo#fitness#gym#workout#helthyfood#transformation#motivation#selfie#

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The words of a favorite for Alesya became a "magic kick" and she started going to the gym. In moral terms, it was hard for her to train among fit girls and pumped-up guys, but she repeatedly overcame her shyness. In the cold season, she did only strength exercises (3-4 workouts per week), and in the warm season combined cardio with strength training (6 workouts per week). Of course, in the winter she has lost not so much extra weight, but she was visibly varied terrain of the body.

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– You have lost so much weight. Tell me, what's the diet? Me too. Oh, just began to eat normally, reduced diet, sports – Nonsense kind (s)??♀this?#dipole#Judeo#минус50кг#Zdorovie#sohui#PP#pravilnaya#dieta#copinger#sport#fitness#Basim#kogdanibud#Hironaka#fitness#fat#sport

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Deciding to lose weight, Alesya changed her diet. She found a suitable diet called "Active weight loss and stabilization". This means that the month she eats mostly vegetables, dietary meat, low-fat dairy products and loses about 6 kg, and in the next 2 months stabilizes the weight, that is, adds to the menu cereals, fruits and "sweets" several times a week.

Note! ☝ To accelerate weight loss and avoid loss of skin tone, can be taken baths with useful additives and do home wraps.? ? ?

Regular training and a suitable diet scheme helped Ales to lose 50 kg of excess weight, but she is not going to stop there. There is still a lot of work to do, but she is happy with the result!

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