Hot Iron: weight loss workout

I Think if you don't like to run, jump and dance, lose weight with sport fail? Not true! German scientists from the University of Dusseldorf proved that even fans of strength training are able to achieve this goal quickly.

    In the course of the research, which involved more than 100 people, it has been proven that strength training with alternating load modes are more effective for weight loss than traditional cardio.

The Results of this experiment were generalized to the hot Iron training group. Today, these classes can be found in the schedules of all leading fitness clubs.

Hot Iron: advantages and disadvantages

Hot Iron Workouts are designed for people of different skill levels. Starting classes is recommended with Hot Iron 1, but not beginners will find a suitable load. The system contains Hot Iron 2, Iron Cross and Advanced Training. Basic the advantage of this line of fitness lessons is a scientific approach and taking into account the peculiarities of the human body. So, doing Hot Iron, you get:

  • Acceleration of metabolism by 30%, the ability to consistently reduce weight without rigid diets and additional aerobic training;
  • muscle tissue Compaction, fat burning, body composition and composition changes;
  • Elimination of laxity, effective reduction cellulite;
  • Strengthening of bone tissue, increasing flexibility of joints, functional strength of muscles;
  • Burning up to 900 kcal in one hour of training;
  • Scientifically based exercise plan, work with the best certified trainers;
  • ability to change the workout plans and improve the working weights;
  • Reduction of body volume, a significant improvement of the figure.

Such results can be achieved, doing only 3 times a week for an hour, alternating days of training with days of rest. Special diet for weight loss you do not need. Eat natural low-fat foods, more protein, less sweets, the main thing – do not overeat, and your figure will catch up very quickly.

Women are often afraid to build up large muscles, but hot Iron workouts and are not aimed at muscle hypertrophy, in General you will look more like a ballerina than as a bodybuilder athlete, so do not be afraid of these activities.

The Only drawback of the Hot Iron system is that after it you will hardly want to return to the traditional aerobic strength training with body bars and light dumbbells.

Hot Iron: kinds classes

Hot Iron Workouts vary in difficulty levels.
Start acquaintance with this system of weight loss should start with Hot Iron 1. This training is based on basic strength movements. You will perform classic squats, lunges, bench press, flexing on the bicep, deadlift and twisting on the press. Students work with mini-rods, and a set of removable scales. You can choose the weight corresponding to your fitness level, and increase it as you improve physical shape.

Are you Used to training? Go to Hot Iron 2. This complex contains multi-articular exercises – squats on one leg, combined lunges, push-UPS. It allows you to spend even more energy and work out even small muscle groups and deep layers of the muscles of the body.

Training Iron Cross is designed to shape athletic physique. This activity allows increase muscle mass and increase energy expenditure at the same time. It is mostly intended for men and very trained girls, and is an adequate substitute for training in the gym.

So, training Hot Iron – economical, effective means to improve physical fitness and weight loss.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for, effective diet for weight loss.

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