Horoscope dinner: useful options for each zodiac sign

The location of the stars and planets at the moment of birth determines our character, habits and circumstances of life. Food is no exception: each sign is suitable for its products.

If one's metabolism allows you to eat for dinner a piece of bacon, then others will have to strictly limit myself. Let's figure out how to dine with pleasure and benefit by following horoscope!

♈ Aries

Active Aries should choose a light dinner, as a dense meal will make their sleep restless. As a result, they will Wake up in a broken state and a bad mood. The ideal option for dinner for Aries is low-fat cottage cheese, dietary meat or vegetable salad, seasoned with Greek yogurt.

♉ Taurus

Taurus like to eat tightly, so dinner should be quite hearty, but low-calorie. It is better to choose lean meat, steamed or baked in the oven. But from flour products should be abandoned, as the Taurus naturally slow metabolism and a high risk that harmful sweets will settle on the sides in the form of fat deposits.

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♊ Twins

Twins are the lucky ones who can afford a big dinner, therefore, the choice of dishes for this sign is large enough. The only limitation - the need to abandon the "junk" food (instant noodles, fast food, etc.).

♋ Cancer

Crayfish are real zodiac gourmets who love to cook. The choice of dishes for them is very wide, but they should avoid spicy and salty food, as they are prone to swelling.

♌ lion

Lions are not prone to overeating, they eat slowly, enjoying every bite. Therefore, representatives of this sign of the zodiac can afford a gourmet dinner of several dishes, but the portions should be small. Supplement meal can be a good wine.

♍ Virgo

Have Virgos weak stomach, therefore, they need to carefully monitor their diet. From heavy and strongly peppered food should be abandoned, and dairy and dairy products to eat in moderation. For dinner, representatives of this sign is best suited baked chicken fillet and a light garnish (for example, mashed zucchini).

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♎ Libra

Rigid restrictions are not suitable for Scales. The caloric content of their evening meal should depends on what they're gonna do after her. If high activity is not expected, it is better to limit light meals. For example, a vegetable salad with a drop of olive oil.

♏ Scorpio

After a hard day's work, Scorpios like to reward themselves with a hearty dinner. Therefore, it is better to lean on protein foods - fish, mushrooms, meat, eggs. From drinks recommended herbal tea, as it relaxes the nervous system.

♐ Sagittarius

Sagittarians love sweets, but the evening meal in any case should not include them. Pastry better replaced by fruits and berries. In General, the best option for dinner for Sagittarius is natural yogurt with pieces of fruit or berries.

♑ Capricorn

Rational Capricorns know more about proper nutrition than anyone. They never overeat, and their dishes are always balanced and healthy. For dinner Capricorn suitable low-fat meat and a side dish of stewed vegetables with low starch content.

♒ Aquarius

Extravagant Aquarius, carried away by another idea, often forget that you need to eat. And utterly for good reason! After all, an empty stomach does not contribute to a full sleep. For an evening meal will suit an omelet or a vegetable casserole. Also, a portion of alcohol is allowed, but desserts are better to save until tomorrow.

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♓ Fish

Fish just are not able to limit themselves in food, and if dinner will be poor, they will Wake up in the middle of the night and go to the refrigerator to catch up. Therefore, the evening meal should be quite dense. A great choice would be the seafood with the cereal or vegetable side dish.

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