Hormonal diet: how to get rid of fat in the right places with the help of hormones

Excess body fat in certain parts of the body is not always associated with overeating. Sometimes, a person eats a little, and the weight grows before our eyes. What is it?

It turns Out that hormones play a huge role in how and where fat is deposited. With hormonal diet you can get rid of fat in the right places!

Cortisol - belly

Large belly may signal an increased level of cortisol hormone, which is strongly released under stress and sleep deprivation. Products enriched with magnesium will help to calm the nervous system and normalize sleep. These include wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, oat flakes, sesame, sea Kale and dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%.

Testosterone - shoulders and hands

With a lack of testosterone, there is an increased deposition of fat on the arms and shoulders. In this case, the necessary products for weight loss are nuts and eggs. It is important to give up food that contains TRANS fats (they are full of cakes and pastries).

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Estrogen - buttocks and thighs

Excessive fat deposits on the buttocks may signal elevated estrogen levels. In this case, you need to give up white bread and sugar-containing products. It is recommended to eat more cabbage: cauliflower, leafy or broccoli.

Insulin - Boca

Fat on the sides is often a sign of elevated insulin levels in the blood. The reason is the excess in the diet of simple carbohydrates (bread from flour, sugar, white rice, etc.), so they should be abandoned. Eat more protein foods and starchy vegetables.

Growth Hormone - shins and knees

Shin and knee Problems may be a sign of growth hormone deficiency. This means that the diet should be sure to add low-fat protein products (such as Turkey meat or chicken breast.)

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Thyroid - waist

If you have problems with the thyroid on the waist formed a "lifeline". In this case, it is important to pay attention to asparagus, seaweed, almonds and pumpkin seeds. But from fatty meats, smoked, sauerkraut vegetables and products with a high concentration of sugar should be abandoned.

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Science knows about hundreds of hormones, but only some of them affect the process of weight loss and weight gain. If you suspect that you have serious problems with hormonal background, do not limit yourself to diet, and be sure to consult a doctor!

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