Honey wraps for weight loss: results, photos, videos

Honey is the most useful product that our ancestors used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Recently, the cosmetic properties of this product have been widely used, allowing not only to bring enormous benefits to the body, but also to lose weight. We are talking about procedures that are called honey wrap.
In General, body wraps for weight loss have been used for a long time, since the days of Ancient Egypt. Ours time with the increasing popularity of this procedure increases and the number of different components used for this. In the course went even chocolate, coffee, etc. What is surprising, the beneficial effect they give in any case. However, the effectiveness of weight loss with honey wrap they can not be compared.

How to do wraps with honey?

For described procedures you will need only honey and food film. However, the honey be sure to only buy organic! Otherwise, it will be useless. Ideal for the planned honey wrap at home suitable product medium consistency.

  1. honey should Be heated to a comfortable temperature first. Comfortable – a temperature below 36.6 degrees. If the substance under consideration for the wrap overheat, its useful properties it will already lose.
  2. Warmed up honey on a conventional water bath. That is, in a small pot with our product, located in a large vessel with boiling water or hot water on the fire.
  3. After a bath honey will more suitable consistency and will be fully suitable for wrapping.
  4. Apply the healing substance lightly to the skin previously cleansed with a scrub.
  5. Then wrap the problem areas in several layers of cling film, trying not to tighten it too much. Leave the blood to circulate freely.
  6. Now you can to leave honey on the body minutes on 20-30. You will be able to strengthen the effect, if you will be engaged in some physical exercise or just do chores.
  7. After the deadline, remove the film and wash off the honey without soap and other similar products.

Feedback on the procedure

About honey wrap for weight loss reviews online you can find a variety. As a rule, they have a positive meaning, but you can often find warnings that the described operation should be treated with caution. This and really. Before wrapping at home, it is desirable to check the absence of allergies to this product. For example, applying it to the inner side of the elbow bend. If redness or irritation over the subsequent 20 minutes, you will not, then everything is fine. If there is a negative reaction of the body, the honey wrap, unfortunately, you have to forget.

Wraps with mustard and honey

At least an ancient history of use in folk medicine has and mustard. This product women began to use in the middle Ages, healing with its help skin and colds. Well, at the same time removing a few extra inches of fat, although at that time the representative of the beautiful floor hardly pursued such goals – the ideals of beauty then was a few others.
Prepare for honey-mustard wrap for weight loss is the day before this procedure:

  1. on the Eve of honey wrap with mustard, pour 4 tablespoons of mustard powder with a small amount of hot water.
  2. Before the operation, mix the heated honey with mustard, apply to the problem areas and wrap them with a film.
  3. Hold the prepared mixture on the body for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with soap or gel and apply a moisturizer.

Keep in mind that at the end of honey-mustard wraps at home is characterized by a slight burning and tingling of the skin, but it should not cause special discomfort.

Video: how to make honey wraps for weight loss?

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