Honey diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

We Present to your attention a diet that includes, at first glance, not a dietary product – honey.
Honey diet is suitable for those who can not live without a sweet day. And if you are not able to give up the sweet, it is worth choosing honey, it strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Honey dietEveryone knows that this product is high in calories, so many are afraid to use it often. But honey is not the same "empty calories" as refined sugar.

A Bit about the benefits of honey:

  • honey contains fructose, glucose, sucrose,
  • vitamins: B1, B2, v3, B6, E, K, C, provitamin A-carotene, folic acid,
  • minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, phosphate and iron,
  • due to the presence of amino acids honey has a beneficial effect on metabolism,
  • honey also contains some natural hormones,
  • honey contains substances that kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses, fungi.

The First option diets with honey

Of the diet you can stick to for a long time, providing diversity of supply. Naturally, completely excluded flour, sweet (except honey), fat...

Calories are gaining at the expense of healthy food that provides the body with the necessary substances.

Morning on an empty stomach you need to drink 100-200 grams of warm water with one tablespoon of honey and a slice of lemon. The same procedure is repeated in the evening 2 hours before bedtime. After drinking this drink, you provide the body with substances that give it energy, while, importantly, quench hunger for a long period.

Otherwise adhere to a healthy diet (limiting daily intake of 1200-1400 calories).

Honey diet for weight loss for 7 days

Another option for weight loss using honey will last for one week, maximum two.
The daily honey diet menu includes:

  • low-fat products of milk is best milk,
  • boiled vegetables, 200 grams of non-starchy vegetables we eat at one time, in the morning or in the afternoon,
  • sour fresh juices without sugar, not more 0.75 liter,
  • berries and citrus.
  • Ah and, of course same, honey. Every day, take one teaspoon of honey before the main meals (3 times a day).

Experts say that during the period of the diet on this menu, you can lose up to 6 extra pounds.

Note that honey should be natural (unpasteurized, untreated and unfiltered). It is more useful for the diet, and is endowed with pleasant taste, unlike its analogues, where artificial additives are used.
If you have your own preferences in the choice of honey, buy poliflerny. This honey is obtained by collecting from different colors.

Polyflora honey can be meadow, mountain, steppe, forest or fruit.

Today there are a lot of fakes, so it is best to buy honey in honeycombs. In addition, the honeycomb is very useful if they chew a little with honey.

Do Not dissolve honey in hot drinks, let them cool down before you add honey to them. In hot water (above 40 degrees) all useful properties of this product can be lost.
And it is best to dissolve the honey in the mouth, so all the nutrients are absorbed maximally.

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