Home workouts for weight gain: how to gain muscle at home

Weight gain at homeIncorrect the majority opinion says that is not build muscle mass. But this position was formed because of ignorance of the basic principles of training. Home training for weight gain can give good results with a competent approach, without taking too much time.


Simple workouts: gain weight for a man at home
Home workouts for weight gain
How to gain mass at home
Tips: how to dial weight at home?

Simple workouts: gain weight for a man at home

If you decide to train at home, it is important to remember one rule: you need to eat right. This statement is suitable for people of any physique. To train at home, it is not necessary to carry dumbbells, barbells. But be sure to get a horizontal bar. So you can fully pump the muscles of the back and hands. Backpack also need – it will play the role of weighting. Doing with it, you can achieve better results. You can put anything in it! But at first the extra weight should not exceed 20 kg. it is the necessary equipment for a complete workout. To gain weight a man at home really, just need to stock up on knowledge and patience. To properly pump, you need to do three times a week for 40-50 minutes. Conduct classes every other day. Weight gain at home conditions – it's not only cost savings, but also a great opportunity to become more disciplined.

Home workouts for weight gain

We bring to your attention simple exercises for weight gain at home.
Pump the muscles of the chest:

  • perform push-UPS from the floor. hands should be wide apart.
  • bench from the floor, legs curled up on the bed.
  • bench from the floor – hands are located close to each other.

Pumping back:

  • pull up from the horizontal bar. arms wide.

Pumping leg muscles:

  • squats on one leg.
Weight gain at homeHow to gain muscle mass at home

Swing, Swing bicep:

  • pull up. Reverse grip. Hands are shoulder length.
  • straight grip – hands just narrower than the shoulders.

Work on the triceps:

  • bench from the floor, narrow grip.
  • reverse push-UPS.

Develop shoulders:

  • press from the floor, feet high above the floor (can be used sill.)


  • download press with the "twisting" of the torso.
  • lift your legs in the air.

If you're engaged in this program, you to gain muscle mass at home – no problem. So, 2-3 kg per month is provided to you!

Weight gain at homeHow to gain mass at home

How to gain mass at home

Weight Gain at home requires integrated approach. If you train, but to eat sandwiches and coke, then nothing happens. Follow the rules:

  • systematic training;
  • correct menu;
  • rest and sleep.

Include the following products in your diet:

  • chicken eggs;
  • poultry;
  • fish and seafood;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetables and fresh fruit;
  • nuts;
  • legumes;
  • cereals;
  • bread black.
Weight gain at homeHow to gain weight for a man at home

Tips: how to gain weight at home?

Do you Want to gain weight at home? Calculate your daily calorie intake. People who are engaged in physical labor should consume 3000-3500 kcal per day. To calculate the rate for yourself, multiply your weight by 30. The resulting number will be an indicator of how many calories you need to absorb for weight gain. You can also follow simple rules that will help you eat more. Use large utensils, eat before and after training. Also eat at night. Give up alcohol and Smoking, eliminate nervous and stressful situations. You need a healthy and full sleep, because before training should be a good rest. Applying our recommendations in practice, you will soon you will achieve positive results. Increase in muscle mass will not take long to wait. Make efforts on yourself, be disciplined and purposeful. These qualities will certainly be useful in order to find the body of your dreams.

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