Home fitness lessons

Fitness is a unique set of exercises that helps to keep your body in good shape, as well as prepare your body for stress. It is surprising that professionals in this field have long prepared several techniques that are used by people of different categories. But still everyone starts with a preparatory technique, which is the first stage to the perfection of the body. These are the so-called fitness lessons at home for losing weight.

What is the essence of these exercises? These are traditional sports movements that are performed on any morning exercises. This includes squats, push-UPS, pull-UPS on the bar and others. Usually beginners are not recommended to immediately start the complex elements of fitness, so they are limited to the use of dumbbells and horizontal bar. All other exercises are carried out without sports equipment.

But as a newcomer in the home gym, not knowing its elements? This question is asked today by many who want to start doing strength exercises. The output is very simple – you need to download from the Internet video "Fitness lessons" or "Fitness lessons at home." Fortunately all this is available today and besides gratis.

7 best video tutorials

What do fitness specialists offer today, what video materials do they recommend for different categories of beginners? On the Internet you will find a large number of different proposals, which differ from each other only in the complexity of the classes. Basically, they are all based on the same movements.

  1. Functional training. This is a set of exercises where only those are used movement, with which one is confronted every day. Hence its high popularity among all categories involved in fitness. The amazing thing is that many of the movements that we use all the time (cleaning the apartment, cooking, playing with children, etc.), must be confirmed by the strength of the muscles, flexibility of the joints and the ability to keep coordination.
  2. Pilates. This complex is based on several components that are present in different systems and categories of fitness. First, this smooth movement. Secondly, proper breathing. Third, the concentration of all the senses. Fourth, the focus on the development of the muscles of the press, which in this system is called "frame strength".
  3. aerobics. Whatever you say, and this type of exercise is used today so often that it becomes clear what kind of popular among women and what among men. We must pay tribute to aerobics after all the female species, because it combines dance moves with classical physical activities. And if many exercises from other systems focus on strength, then aerobics on plasticity and grace. It aerobics can be considered a real fitness lessons for beginners (video can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet).
  4. Callanetics. This kind is a symbiosis of yoga and static exercises that alternate stretching. According to experts, this is the most fat-burning complex, hence its high popularity. The ongoing movement affect all types of muscles: small and large, and those that are close, and those that are deep. By the way, it is believed that one hour of callanetics replaces 24 hours of aerobics.
  5. Bodyflex. At the heart of this type of fitness is the correct breathing, combined with physical activity. Someone at first may think that this is too complex species. But having understood all the subtleties, you begin to understand how simple it is, how carefully selected movements in combination with breathing. Today there are many trainers who offer videos with lessons that can be done at home.
  6. tai-Bo. This is a young kind of fitness that is based on elements of martial arts. The entire exercise carried out under the energetic music in the rhythm, so beginners are not sweet (large load).
  7. Fitball. It's exercises with special inflatable balls. With their help, posture is well aligned, flexibility of the body develops, coordination improves movements'.

That these 7 types of today you can offer a beginner. In order to start exercising, there is no need to run to the gym. One has only to download the video – "Fitness in pictures for beginners", where you will learn in detail about how to conduct certain movements. Good luck in your endeavors. And below we will show you a video about the Pilates system.

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