Home exercises to increase the pectoral muscles for women: video

Video exercises to increase the pectoral muscles

That is why, many women to increase the chest muscles, as fragile and delicate creatures to anything of muscles. In fact, undeveloped pectoral muscles entail sad consequences for a beautiful female figure. That, and the slumped shoulders and hunched back, and as a result, featureless Breasts.

Exercise to pump the chest muscles when regularly performed, contribute to an increase in the amount of a large fan-shaped muscle located between the mammary glands and ribs. It becomes more open and raised, supports the upper back and corrects posture. Mammary glands attached to the top of the muscle

, rise. Thus, the chest looks taut and elastic.
Of course, it is best to go to the gym and develop a program that is suitable for you. But if there is no such opportunity, to help can always come home exercises for chest muscles. If you purposefully want to work out the chest at home, it is best to buy a couple of dumbbells, preferably stacked, to be able to gradually gain more load.

A set of exercises to increase the pectoral muscles

So, you purchased dumbbells and you have a comfortable Mat for classes on the floor. If so, then take a good mood and start to perform a set of home exercises to increase pectoral muscle. On the basis of this video you will be able to choose the most effective exercises that can become the "base" for the complex of home workouts:

Warm up a little first to avoid unnecessary injuries. Running on the spot or jumping rope can be alternated with slopes and rotations. Five to seven minutes will suffice.

Now proceed to the basic exercises.

Exercise "Wall"

Stand facing the wall at a distance of about thirty centimeters and put your hands against it at chest level. Push the wall so that the load is felt in the area of the shoulder girdle, not in the back.

Exercise "Push-UPS"

The Starting position "lying down position" can be replaced with the knee position. Hands to put on width of shoulders, a little wider. In order to pump the pectoral muscles well, you need to do fifteen or twenty push-UPS.
Video exercises to increase the pectoral muscles

Exercise "Skier"

Take your dumbbells and stand with your knees and elbows slightly bent and your body forward. Now hands imitate cross-country skiing. Only perform it should slowly, smoothly taking his hand back.

Exercise "Distributing hands"

Lie back on the Mat and bend your knees. Hands together with dumbbells lift up in front of you. Spread them to the sides, slightly bent elbows, smoothly and slowly returning back. Try to make sure that the hands when wiring was on the same line as the shoulders. Feel like working the blade in a divorced situation, they should be United.

Exercise "bench Press"

Not get up off the Mat after wiring, hands with dumbbells, bent at the elbows, put in front of him at chest level. The essence of this exercise is that you need to raise both hands at the same time up, holding the grip on the same line with the forearm – as if you are doing push-UPS from the floor, but only start from the air.
Video exercises to increase the pectoral muscles

Exercise "Towel"

Take a long towel twisted into a tourniquet, gripping it so that the hands are on the shoulder width. Raise the grip in front of you, parallel to the floor. Now pull the hand towel in different directions as much as possible. Feel your chest muscles stretch and your biceps tighten.

After the completion of the complex it is recommended to stretch. You can pull your hands to the sides or up.

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