Home exercise equipment for weight loss what exercise is best for slimming the abdomen and legs

exercise equipment for weight lossToday home exercise equipment for weight loss sold more than just a "machine to improve the physical form." That's why under the weight-loss sauce advertising often offers anything. Meanwhile, fitness specialists are sure – your own body plus some free weights is the best simulator. The authors of the textbook for personal trainers edited by D. G. Kalashnikov directly and report: "the Full client needs any equipment, on which he would be able to perform cardio, as well as strength exercises to increase muscle mass.

The Trainer can choose any simulators which would be safe for the concrete person, all cars have shortcomings and advantages, "the best for all" does not happen". And what if the coach is not, and you are doing at home yourself, and the sellers in the supermarket claim that only their simulators and help you lose weight at home conditions?

Which trainer is better for weight loss?

There is no Definite answer to this question. Some people do not like working in the gym – it seems monotonous and boring. If this is about you – look for dancing, martial arts, swimming, anything that would not be associated with monotony and boredom.

For home purchase to be, first and foremost, cardio for weight loss. (Details: how to choose a home cardio).

Usually power stations are required by "advanced" bodybuilders, whose goal is to pump up individual muscles, visually change the volume of the body, become "more". Slimming enough cardio, racks, benches and free weights, they should, first of all, provide an increase in calorie consumption and load on all systems of the body, and not the study of muscles in isolation. For this podoidut mini stepper exerciser for weight loss.

rowing machine"Best exercise equipment for weight loss" is defined as:

  • elliptical trainer;
  • running track;
  • Steppers;
  • exercise bikes;
  • rowing machines;
  • a mini-trampoline.

Choose equipment for home will help simple test. You put on a sports uniform and go to the nearest big supermarket selling exercise machines. Your task – to try in action all of these home weight loss equipment, reviews of which you can read in advance on the Internet . Based on their own feelings, and you should choose the best home trainer for weight loss. You should be comfortable to train, all other criteria are additional.

What is better for weight loss gyms or fitness? The ideal option is to combine fitness, strength training and fitness equipment.

The Most effective exercise machines for slimming belly

From advertising: most often "apples" offer Ab Rocket or any other mechanized bench for pumping the press.

Why is it ineffective: working with the press in isolation burns too few calories, you will strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle, but few people will see it under a layer of fat that will not go anywhere, whatever the advertising promises.

belly slimming simulatorMost an effective belly slimming simulator is a pair of "rowing machine and press bench" or "elliptical trainer and fitball, bench for the press, and the and any Mat for exercise on gender". To "lose weight belly", you need to regularly perform cardio, and a little strength exercise on the press. And the ellipsoid and rowing will be a little better than the track and exercise bike, because the work on them involves the muscles of the body center. However, if you don't like or not suitable for the price, you can take any other cardio, and add at the end of the workout a couple of minutes in the pose of the bar to work out the body. You can also use massage trainers and belt weight loss trainer, vibration effect which helps to lose weight without much effort.

Well, buying Ab Rocket for those who have completed various levels of twists on the floor, a fitball, a conventional bench press and just missing during a military exercises'.

What exercise is more effective for slimming thighs

Of advertising: Leg Magic, tai Master, or any of their cheaper counterparts "know name".

Why this is ineffective: generally, fat deposits on the thighs are consumed by the body only when the metabolic response from training is quite high. To trigger this very response, simple movements "in hand-inward" is not enough. Work in the aforementioned equipment causes a very small increase hip tone, and a slight acceleration of the pulse. For effective and constant fat burning you need a little different – high pulse, intense training and basic exercises with free weights on a power day.

The Answer to the question, "which trainer is more effective for slimming thighs?"quite simple – the one working on which you can increase the pulse by 60-70% of the maximum heart rate and will not experience discomfort in the joints. Usually works well with such problems running track, stationary bike or the elliptical. The main thing – convenience. Well, for tightening the thigh muscles is better than the usual squats and deadlifts have not yet come up with anything. Do not spend money on "something for the hips", it is better to look at the mini-rods and special racks for them.

Leg Magic Simulatorleg slimming Trainers, as a rule, the essence is the same as the exercise equipment for the thighs. The best option – again, any quality candymachine and equipment for home strength training. Well, if you still want to buy the notorious Leg Magic, get ready for the fact that training with him at regular and regular classes, will respond only for 3-4 months. After that, you still have to buy something more serious or move to the nearest fitness club.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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