Hollywood diet: how to lose weight stars for the week, the menu for 7 and 14 days

Many stars have beautiful and slim figure, in finding which helped them Hollywood diet, allowing 14 days to throw off 10 kg of excess weight. This system of nutrition is based on the limited use of fatty and carbohydrate foods, giving preference to protein foods and foods with a large amount of fiber in the menu.

Principles of the Hollywood diet

In order to learn the maximum effect, it is necessary to adhere to the basic requirements.

  1. For two weeks, you must completely exclude Breakfast, replacing it with a Cup of tea and half grapefruit's.
  2. All products that need heat treatment, it is better to boil for a couple, simmer, bake, but in any case do not fry.
  3. It is important to exclude flour, sweet, alcohol and carbonated drinks, pickles, starch, sweet and starchy vegetables and fruits, salt and sugar from the menu for 14 days.
  4. Cooking is necessary without the use of fat and vegetable oil.
  5. During the diet it is important to drink up to 2 l clean water a day. Sometimes the water can be alternated with green tea.
  6. the power supply circuit Must be strictly adhered to, without replacing or excluding the components in the menu.

Diet Menu for 14 days

This diet is designed for 7 and 14 days.

It is Important to follow the diet of all 7 days of the diet.

Then with 8 on 14 day fully in chronological sequence repeat???????????.
First day:

  • lunch: small tomato, boiled chicken egg, coffee without additives;
  • dinner: half a grapefruit, cabbage salad with cucumbers, boiled egg.

Second day:

  • lunch: grapefruit, boiled chicken egg, coffee;
  • dinner: fresh small cucumber, 200 g of lean beef.

Third day:

  • lunch: one tomato, stewed spinach, coffee;
  • dinner: cucumber, 200 g boiled low-fat beef, coffee.

Diet Hollywood
Fourth day:

  • lunch: grapefruit, cabbage salad with cucumber, coffee;
  • dinner: stewed on water spinach, 200 g low-fat cottage cheese, coffee.

Fifth day:

  • lunch: stewed spinach, boiled egg, coffee;
  • dinner: salad from different greenery, 200 g fish low-fat varieties, coffee.

Sixth day:

  • lunch: salad from apples, grapefruit and oranges;
  • dinner: a fresh a small cucumber, 200 g lean beef, coffee.

Seventh day:

  • lunch: green salad, grapefruit, 200 g boiled chicken, coffee;
  • dinner: fruit salad.

Chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs at a rate of 1 : 2. Adhere to this diet for more than two weeks is not recommended, and it can be repeated again only after three months of a balanced diet. From this strict technique, you must properly go, to avoid harm to human health. It is important to remember that you need to introduce the usual products gradually small numbers.
Diet Hollywood

The Advantages of the Hollywood diet

The Main advantage of this diet is the rapid loss of excess weight. When used correctly, this technique helps to improve the body, cleanse it of toxins and normalize metabolism. Complete exclusion of salt and alcoholic beverages leads to improved metabolism and the work of all internal organs.

The Disadvantages of the Hollywood diet

Despite all the advantages and good reviews about this diet, it has disadvantages, which is important to know.

  1. Given that the menu of this diet includes a large number of eggs, it is important to pre-check the blood for cholesterol.
  2. the Diet is not balanced in vitamins and minerals, which will require additional replenishment of these substances in the body with the help of complexes in tablets.
  3. a Large amount of coffee consumed at this time may cause unstable blood pressure. Therefore, it is important to alternate coffee with tea and still water. It should be noted that the diet was developed in the United States, where no coffee does not pass almost any day of each, so this drink is included in the daily diet.
  4. Lack of carbohydrates in the diet can lead to a decrease in physical and mental activity. You may be overcome by weakness, depression and lack of strength.
  5. the Flaw of this diet it manifests itself in the fact that if as a result of the withdrawal of excessive fluid body weight decreases, then the amount of fat is not affected, and they remain in the same volume as they were before.
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