Hip slimming massage

Hip slimming massageAt the peak of cellulite treatment, hip slimming massage is especially popular. And, if the elastic ass can appreciate only a very close person, then this part of the body is open to the eyes of everyone in the summer. To not be shy to wear shorts and short skirts enough to take a course of massage.

In our article we will talk about self-massage of the thighs. It has one main and magical advantage over conventional massage – economic benefit. Because of the amount of anti-cellulite professional massage just astronomical. Do not worry, you will be able to achieve no less impressive results, showing consistency and perseverance in achieving your goal.

Massage for slimming thighs includes standard techniques: rubbing, kneading, etc. so, find free time, turn on the disk of your favorite artist and proceed:

1. knee-Bent leg place on a low chair or sofa. Begin stroking the outside of your thigh toward your knee. RUB it well with your hands. The movement should be quite intense – light touch is not suitable. Then collect the crease on the thigh and knead it, moving towards the inner surface. In order not to earn a few bruises, use a special cream, as well as measure the strength of your hands.

2. Clench your hand into a fist and use your fingertips to make circular movements on the outside of your thigh, gradually moving to your knee. Repeat the same procedure for the other leg.

3. Now sit down on chair. Foot connect the inner side surfaces, and knees spread apart. Start massaging the inner thigh. First stroking, then intensive rubbing, then kneading. At the end, repeat stroking. Do the same with the lateral outer surface of the thigh. All receptions are held from top to bottom. After completing them on the second thigh, go to the fourth exercise.

4. Sit on a chair so that your buttocks is located on the chair, and hip no. Thereto the moment you have to remember the algorithm of all massage movements. Therefore, repeat them for the remaining surface of the thighs, moving from the gluteal fold to the popliteal fossa.

In General, the whole massage will take you at least 20 minutes, 10 on each thigh. A good help will be the use of anti-cellulite scrub. Find time for a massage every day and after 15 sessions your hips will look much better.

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