Herpes on the lips ― effective treatment

Herpes on the lips ― effective treatment

From an infected person herpes is transmitted by contact, and only in the acute period of the disease. But once in a healthy, not weakened body, he did not give to know about his presence. To provoke the appearance of itchy and painful bubbles, one of the many factors is enough.

Herpes on the lips ― reasons:

  • viral and bacterial infection;
  • stress;
  • colds;
  • fatigue;
  • excessive sun exposure;
  • exhaustion due to inadequate nutrition or strict dieting;
  • menstruation period.

As a rule, the virus affects the lips and nasal mucosa, but can be activated in any part of the body. Most people refer to this disease solely as temporary cosmetic defect. But if the body is weakened by severe disease or adverse conditions, the virus can even become a threat to life. First of all, herpes on the lips is dangerous for patients with AIDS, cancer or for people who have been transplanted organs. In this case, the infection can affect even the internal organs.

Herpes on the lips ― effective treatment

Herpes on the lips: what to treat

Proper treatment of herpes on the lips will not only reduce the severity of symptoms, but also significantly reduce the duration of the disease. Modern medicine has found a cure for only a few viruses, but herpes is among them. Therefore, timely treatment started will certainly give a good result.

All medicines for herpes on the lips are made on the basis of acyclovir. You can choose one of the following options:

  • "Acyclovir", "Virolex", "Zovirax";
  • "Warpfire", "Alfarona", "Intron A";
  • "Valacyclovir", "Valamir", And "He Needs Therapy With Valtrex".

Herpes on the lips ― effective treatment

All drugs can be buy in different medicinal forms: ointment, breath, pills.

Herpes on the lips: how to treat

Start taking herpes tablets on the lips should be at the stage of itching, even before the appearance of redness. If there was herpes on the lips during pregnancy or during feeding the baby breast, then take antiviral drugs can only be controlled by a doctor. Also, special attention is required by the elderly and weakened by chronic diseases.

"Acyclovir" and its analogues are antiviral agents. Tablets should be taken one a day, the active substance in it should be 200 mg. Ointment from herpes on the lips is applied locally five times a day, massaging the affected area well. The standard course of treatment is five days, but may be increased if the disease is severe.

"Hectare" and its analogues are antiviral and immunomodulating funds from the local anesthesia. In acute period use drugs in the form of ointment. Apply up to six times a day.

"Valacyclovir" ― a more advanced version of "Acyclovir", has a more pronounced effect. Tablets are released in a dosage of 500 mg of the active substance, take them twice a day at intervals of 12 hours for 3-5 days'. It should be drunk when the first signs appear, in this case the healing process will accelerate significantly.

How to cure herpes on the lips

Getting rid of this virus Completely is extremely difficult. The problem is that drugs are able to neutralize it only during its activity. But to avoid relapse, you must correctly assign treatment, but it needs to go to the doctor. Also important follow all his instructions and take the drugs within the specified period. Keep the drug in the form of ointment should only be refrigerated.

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