Heaviness in the abdomen – symptoms, causes of education, ways to improve health

Today, fewer and fewer people can say that they are never tormented by heaviness in the stomach. This means that their gastrointestinal tract works literally like clockwork, they try to eat right, move enough, do not abuse alcohol and cigarettes and protect themselves from stress, do not get nervous for any reason – that is, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Alas, it is not available to everyone in the conditions of modern life, its frantic pace, as well as environmental the situation in large cities. Sooner or later we have to think about how to get rid of the heaviness in the abdomen, especially given the fact that this stone weight can be quite a Wake-up call with more or less regular manifestation: gastritis, ulcers, the risk of cancer. With a visit to the doctor should not be delayed.

Heaviness in stomach – what to do?

The Sensation of a stone in the abdomen, usually in the upper part, sometimes accompanied by pain, nausea, vomiting, belching, heartburn, bitterness in the mouth and intestinal disorders, occurring quite often indicate violations in the gastrointestinal tract. He was the first responds to negative and irritating factors, and malfunctions gradually lead to metabolic disorders, hormonal changes, decreased immunity, etc. In this case it is not necessary to spend time thinking how to remove the severity of their own – paid a visit to the therapist, he will give a direction on analyses and refer to a gastroenterologist.

Specialist only after a thorough examination will advise how to relieve heaviness in the stomach, and not these unpleasant symptoms, but impervious (struggling with a particular established disease).

What can cause heaviness in the stomach and what to take?

Do Not immediately think about the bad, revealing unpleasant symptoms. Severity may occur when indigestion – you may have eaten something stale or mixed incompatible, heavy for the gastrointestinal tract products. Maybe it's just overeating and it's hard for the stomach to digest. In this case, try to take a medicine for heaviness in the stomach, for example, tablets "Festal" to help digestion, but they can not be abused, and if the need to take additional tablets from the heaviness in the stomach is rather systemic, it's time to sound the alarm, otherwise there is a risk of gradual atrophy pancreas, reduced liver function, etc.

Severity Often occurs because of emotional stress. In such a situation, all that can be taken from the heaviness in the stomach will not give the desired effect. It's neurosis.

Self-help, with weight in the stomach is

Since the problem is signaled by the severity of the gastrointestinal tract, the main task of which is to receive and break down the food consumed and deliver the extracted nutrients and nutrients in the blood and other fluids. Accordingly, the first thing to do – to provide the stomach with the ability to function normally, reduce the load on it:

  • review your diet, take diet;
  • eat small portions, but often;
  • eliminate all harmful products – fast foods, sodas, dry food and on the go;
  • limit the use of milk, but low-fat kefir, yogurt and fermented baked milk can;
  • "no" to fatty, fried, too spicy and salty, yeast muffin;
  • chew your food thoroughly;
  • instead of strong tea and coffee, drink a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort or other herbal teas;
  • consume more non-carbonated mineral water;
  • stay outdoors for at least 3 hours a day and move more;
  • do a light stroking massage with the palm of your hand. towards the navel.
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