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Do you Want to eat not only with benefit, but with pleasure, and even fun? Then note: the latest fashion is the color menu. Diet for most of us is still a kind of entertainment. Sitting on a diet just like that – boring, but to collect for dinner "colorful plate" – already interesting. Colored products, as a rule,fruits and vegetables. Especially true in a situation where we take into account each calorie. And how this useful!

multi-colored menuSuch food enriches us not only with fiber, but also with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And the more colorful our food is, the more good we'll get from it.

The Colour of plant products depends on the pigments they contain. But these substances not only paint, they have other properties.

For Example, the most common pigments – carotenoids give fruits, root crops, berries red, yellow and orange. And in the body turn into vitamin A, which is useful for the skin, mucous, improves visual acuity. So, don't have then choose glasses or quality lenses. Everyone knows about carrots and carotene. And there is still lycopene in tomatoes and rosehip, zeaxanthin in corn, flavoxanthin in pumpkin, lutein in red pepper, Riboflavin in egg yolk. It is also antioxidants that are fight against free radicals and prolong us youth.

Another group of pigments are flavonoids. Numerous medical studies have proven their unique atioxidant properties. This group of pigments in the body is not synthesized and will come to us only with food. Raspberries, blueberries, black currants, eggplants, cherries and even red wine should be present at your table as often as possible.

There are also colorless flavonoids – catechins. In their case, the absence of color does not mean the absence of useful properties. They increase the elasticity of capillaries, promote the absorption of vitamin C in the body, have antimicrobial properties. Contains these useful pigments in apples, peaches, apricots and quince, gooseberries and grape seeds. Especially a lot of catechin in tea leaves.

Another bonus of motley diet is color therapy. Different colors cause different emotions. For example, orange is fun, green is calming, red is invigorating.

If you decide to apply a multi-colored diet, remember that it is only about the benefits of natural products with natural color. Bright pink sausages, which are used for the color of "chemistry" or bright curd, on the packaging of which are marked added dyes, the eye can, and will please, but will bring only harm.

Advice from nutritionist. What color I your.....

Brown: rice and rye bread. The dark color of the figure indicates that when processing of it has not removed the bran, and therefore it is saturated with b vitamins.

White: sprouts, cabbage, onion, garlic. Sources of energy, vitamin C and fiber, possess antimicrobial action

Green: greens of all shades, green peas. Just a storehouse of nutrients: vitamin C, K, lutein and potassium.

Orange: oranges, grapefruit. A whole store of vitamin C plus fiber and essential oils.

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